From sleep to sweat – Everything you need to know about period & leak proof underwear

There is so much we have to think about as women so we shouldn’t need to worry about a little leak. It’s not commonly discussed but it’s often on our minds, for some, it’s daily and others, just one week out of every month. It’s not just periods and light bladder leaks either but also […]

The Taboo of Periods

We all know that moment when our fresh youthful faces realised that life as we knew it, was OVER. Or at least that’s what we thought, navigating the trials and tribulations of the world of periods is certainly difficult to manage, especially at such a young age. With the guidance of your mum, sisters, friends […]

Light-Moderate? What’s that you’re asking?

We know. You’ve all been wondering. Where has moderate gone and what on EARTH is light-moderate? Is it true, can you have the discreteness of a light gusset with the absorbency of a moderate? Fear no more, we’ve got the 411 just for you. Sit back with a drop of vino (or green tea if […]