Sustainability matters

Our Thoughtfully-made reusable products were created as an alternative to single-use disposables to put sustainability at the heart of our decisions so you can tread a little lighter on the earth.  

We want our products to be accessible to all, safely and without shame so we launched our Give A Pair program and together Modibodi, our partners and customers are working towards  a world where there is period equality for all who menstruate. 

Responsible Sourcing

We know the textile supply chain has a significant environmental impact, which is why we invest time and energy to nurture our supplier partnerships and source from responsible manufacturers. Our code of conduct is central to working with Tier 1 suppliers and the first part in supporting them to make continual improvements. 

Climate Action

We believe all businesses have a responsibility to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve climate change literacy - including us.Our priority is to find opportunities within our supply chain to reduce emissions and invest in initiatives to track and monitor our progress. 

Circular Design

Our product design and fibre choices influence our environmental footprint. We know much of this impact stems from the raw materials we use, so we take the time to understand their impact. Our goal is to source fibres that support healthy agriculture practices or meet circular design principles.