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I’m so pleased these now come in smaller sizes. I’ve just started my 7 year old daughter and 12 year old daughter on modibodi, for comfort and so they are fully protected when their period magically appears. They are the only brand I wear 24/7 and will be the only brand they wear too.


Love love love your sensual high waist bikini for that time of the month. No leaks, no smell, no having to change anything frequently. They are so comfortable! Makes having your period a non-event.


Well designed for the pregnant changing body and super comfortable thank you for a great product. I’ve been telling all my friends pregnant or not.


I love that they’ve completely replaced the need for liners! I’m pretty passionate about cutting out single use disposable products, and this was a great opportunity to continue that journey. I feel far more safe, and protected than in liners.




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Protective Leakproof Underwear & SWIMWEAR for periods & light bladder leaks that work!

Ditch your tampons, liners and pads at the door and follow us. Our sustainable, luxuriously soft underwear & water repellent swimwear protects you from all of life’s unmentionables.

From periods & discharge, light bladder leakage and weak pelvic floors, we’ve got your back. At Modibodi we speak our minds and tackle problems fearlessly and with confidence.

We believe you should love your bodi, cherish your bodi, listen to your bodi and know that your bodi is a temple. We support all that is woman from periods to incontinence and everything in between.

Join the Modibodi movement and start feeling confident, fresh and free in our comfortable, stylish and exclusive period proof and light bladder leak underwear and swimwear!

Modibodi underwear and swimwear for every bodi.