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Tune in every fortnight as our host,Sasha Meaney, chats with a brave young Aussie about the stuff no one dares to share. No judgements: just real, honest tales about teenhood today. From juggling friendship groups, heartbreak and first periods, our teen years are filled with the most defining – moments of our lives.

The RED Tales is today’s teen life, totally open.

Special guest - Pratha

Every girl has at least one embarrassing period story.

Special guest - Tiffany

Tiffany shares the tale of when she got her heart broken.

Special guest - Ashley

Remember, like all our troubles in life, acne doesn't last forever.

Special guest - Eleanor

Find confidence in yourself that you thrive no matter what.

Special guest - Anna

Anna talks about how she found a better way to feel protected.

Special guest - Libby

Today's episode we talk about boobs, bras and best friends.