Don't 'dis' it, it's healthy and normal, but you can take 'charge' of it!

Don't 'dis' it, it's healthy and normal, but you can take 'charge' of it!

There are many annoying things in life, but until I developed my underwear range one of my pet dislikes (along with shaving my legs and flossing my teeth) was vaginal discharge.

Vaginal discharge just seemed to me a huge annoyance except for when it was needed, wink wink. However, when trying to conceive my first child and coming off the contraceptive pill I soon learnt that monitoring my discharge was actually a key component to falling pregnant. Why I did not know this prior to that time beats me, but then again in my twenties my priorities in life were a little more focused on what holiday to take, or what shoes to wear to work.

Upon my journey to conceive, I learnt much about the world of vaginal discharge. So now I am dedicating this post to vaginal discharge, in the hope my readers no longer 'dis' it, and instead realise it ain't going away because it has a purpose. Plus now you can always just take 'charge' of it with some Modibodi underwear.

Why does vaginal discharge totally rock?

Vaginal discharge helps your vagina stay healthy, by transporting bad bacteria and viruses away from your body. Of course, discharge is also important during sexual intercourse by helping to lubricate the vagina.

How much vaginal discharge is normal?

Most women expel a small amount of discharge every day, but the amount varies from woman to woman and at certain times. The majority of women will notice that closer to their period, around ovulation (mid cycle) and during pregnancy their discharge becomes heavier and thicker. Though some women, especially if on the contraceptive pill may not notice this change quite as much.

What does normal vaginal discharge look like? Normal discharge varies from woman to woman, and the only way to diagnose an STD or bacterial infection is through testing not visual inspection. Of course green, brown or red discharge would definitely be indicators that something is wrong. However, get to know your body and your own discharge texture and smell as once you know what is normal for you, you will know when something is amiss.

Should my vaginal discharge be odourless?

It is not true that vaginal discharge should be always be odourless. Again what is normal for one woman differs to the next, and at certain times during the month you may find your vaginal discharge slightly more smelly. Diet can also affect the smell for some women. If the smell becomes intolerable then you should definitely seek medical help.

How to conceive by monitoring your vaginal discharge?

When our bodies are ovulating they will release a stringy, clear, mucousy discharge. After 14 years on the contraceptive pill, to be honest I was amazed at this discovery when I came off the pill and was trying to conceive. Strange to think this little pill had been stopping me experiencing that very natural occurrence for over 14 years.    

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