No laughing matter, us women deserve exceptional underwear!

No laughing matter, us women deserve exceptional underwear!

I was at a friend's birthday party the other day and was chatting with an old friend who said to me, half laughing "so I hear you are selling incontinence panties, hee, hee?" I looked him in the eye and said "well yes they can definitely work for light bladder weakness which did you know 1 in 3 women actually experience, and in fact if you looked around this room I am sure one of these women is experiencing a lighter bladder leak right now." His laughter stopped and so did the conversation.

This got me thinking, usually mention of the word #incontinence either causes people to look the other way as I have mentioned one of those unmentionables, or people start laughing and crack a joke.

Now I am all for seeing the lighthearted side of life, so I get that weeing onto your pants unexpectedly seems pretty funny and like all bad experiences we usually look back and laugh. But to the 35% of Australian women who have light bladder leaks or the 50% of women who experience period overflow at that time of month, the discomfort of a leak or the thought of wearing daily liners for the rest of your life, is not really a laughing matter.

It can be embarrassing, debilitating, awkward, uncomfortable, frustrating, irritating, annoying and environmentally challenging.

I developed Modibodi underwear to prevent women from having to live with the emotions above caused by failing underwear or the use of disposable panty liners. Modibodi is fashionable, comfortable, better for our environment and uses state of the art technology to give women the security and protection we need to face the reality of life (not the poster pin up version).

Later at the party the same friend came back up to me and said "My wife mentioned your garments also stop sweat right?

"Yes" I replied.

"Oh, interesting, actually I reckon I could benefit from a pair of them."

I smiled back and said "Yes, you probably could."

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