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  • Don’t suffer in silence: 3 period conditions every woman should know about

    Your response to our last story on period conditions was, well, overwhelming. So, we asked a doctor to share some more conditions which women often struggle with...in silence. Check out Dr Bella Todd MBBS FRACGP’s info and advice below on dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea and fibroids...As always, remember to get your regular check-ups, and always speak up if something doesn’t feel right.  
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  • Are period blood clots normal – and why do they happen?

    While some people often experience small blood clots throughout their period, for others the first time one appears can prompt a bit of panic…fair enough. But they’re actually pretty common, usually normal and can just be wiped away, flushed…and forgotten about. We’ve got the flowdown on what causes them, what’s normal, and when to see a doctor. 
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  • Modibodi mums share their tips for caring for new Mums

    We asked the mums at Modibodi for their go-to ideas for really helping new mums in the postpartum period. Forget another pile of plastic toys for baby, we’re talking about little ideas that will make a real difference in a new mum’s day (like taking baby’s big brother or sister out to play!)  

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  • Ash London talks post birth bleeding and night sweats

    "I had no idea what to expect when it came to a LOT of the weird postpartum bodily fluids that I ended up dealing with." Ash London on expectations vs reality of her birthing experience. 
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  • Taking action on climate change

    Everybody’s talking about COP26 right now, but it’s not clear to everyone what it’s all about, why it matters, and how we can get involved. We take it back to basics...
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  • Modibodi partners with Gen M to talk menopause

    So much more than hot flushes, there are actually 48 symptoms of menopause, and everybody experiences them (or some of them) differently. But most people, including those in the middle of menopause, don’t even realise some of the challenges they’re facing are menopause related…and that’s because we don’t talk about it. Or not nearly enough.  
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  • My postpartum journey was joy, love...and bodily fluids

    Co-host of popular Beyond the Bump podcast, Sophie Pearce says the four words to describe her postpartum journey would be: joy, love and bodily fluids. Post-partum is like the Alanis Morrisette song “Ironic”. It’s the greatest joy paired with soul crushing exhaustion, it’s excruciatingly long nights but be careful because if you blink, you’ll miss it. It’s feeling isolated and alone while also being completely touched out and never having a second to yourself. It’s the greatest blur I have ever experienced! 
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  • My postpartum journey in four words? Magic, love, illness and loss.

    (TW: infant loss) My postpartum journey in four words? Magic, love, illness and loss. I had a different experience after each of my three births. After my first birth I didn’t have a postpartum journey, my son was terminally ill and I sat by his bed every day until my body was so exhausted I couldn’t take any more. When he died at the age of eight days, both I and the rest of the world no longer thought about my postpartum. There simply wasn’t one. 
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  • My postpartum journey was...a giant tug-of-war – being pulled from one fear to the next.

    My postpartum journey was…downright scary. Like a giant tug-of-war. Constantly being pulled from one fear to the next. The very first night I brought her home, I did what I’d been told and laid her to sleep in her crib. I lay in bed watching her sleep between those wooden bars, absolutely terrified. It all felt so wrong. She’d been living inside me for 41 weeks and now on the very first day outside my body, we weren’t supposed to be together when we slept? 
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  • There’s no better contraception than being afraid of your vagina

    My postpartum journey was confusing, lonely, embarrassing, magical...and complicated. On the one hand, I was in awe of what my body had done – and I still am – on the other, I felt embarrassed about my piles, my prolapse, my stitches. It’s hard to feel confident, empowered and the best version of yourself when you’re scared your body will let you down, especially in public or during an intimate moment. There’s nothing scarier than the thought of having sex again when you don’t even know if your stitches have healed. There’s that fear that you’ll never feel ‘normal’ again. 

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