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  • It’s NOT like a period. Everything you need to know about postpartum bleeding

    Got questions about postpartum bleeding? Wondering what to expect? First things first, it’s NOT like a period. And while you may have enjoyed not having a period for the past 9-ish months, the postpartum period brings the bleeding back. Yep, giving birth is just the beginning. 
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  • Ever wondered why you can’t sleep with PMS?

    It might be World Sleep Day, but if you’ve got PMS or your period, you might feel like it’s World Struggling-to-Sleep Day. That’s because, for many people, periods don’t just come with mood changes, cramps and inconvenience, they also mess with your sleep, and it turns out, there’s a bunch of science behind it. This World Sleep Day we’re digging under the duvet to find out just how and why your period impacts your sleep…you know, just so you know you’re not alone. 

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  • What is endometriosis?

    For decades, young women have been taught that a painful period is simply an initiation into womanhood. Girls are warned that the first time they engage in sexual intercourse will be a painful experience and irregular menstrual cycles can be “fixed” by taking birth control pills. In reality, symptoms that are too often labelled as “normal” or “just feminine problems” are often indicators of a much more serious medical condition: endometriosis. 

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  • Mother's Day With My New Roommates

    Mother’s Day, like most days this year, is going to feel different (although not too far removed from last year..). We’ve invited a Mum, one of Modibodi’s own in fact, to get her perspective on the upcoming celebrations and how lock-down has turned life upside down in an unexpected, but delightful way.

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  • Modibodi takes action for International Women's Day - and everyday

    Here at Modibodi we don’t just #choosetochallenge for International Women’s Day. We #choosetochallenge to promote gender equality every day. From our ‘Give a Pair’ charitable program to auditing our supply chain to ensure fair work conditions for our factory workers, to lobbying to abolish the tax on sustainable menstrual products to school education programs to provide free period products to students – making a positive impact on people’s lives is at the heart of our business.  

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  • Making sex education queer inclusive

    Kath Ebbs is a proud queer feminist from Sydney and high school graduate who is campaigning for queer topics to be included in the sexual education curriculum. 
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  • Exercise, periods and Peaches Pilates

    Recently we asked our customers if they avoid exercise while working out; 55% of you said you avoided it or opted for a less intense work out such as walking, stretching or strength. This was due to period pains or fear of leaking.  Our new 7/8 Recycled Active Legging are here with an inbuilt [...]
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  • The moment I dread in gym class... Leaks

    There’s a moment in every gym class I dread. The instructor suddenly decides to add a burst of cardio to a usually safe weights class, a sudden ‘let me see 20 star jumps’ or ‘let’s swap our regular squats for jump squats’. How about let’s not. 
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  • I'm 24 and I poo in a bag

    Billie Anderson’s journey with ulcerative colitis – and building body confidence with a stoma. When you poo into a bag on the outside of your body, it can be hard to have body confidence, but Billie Anderson is breaking taboos and sharing her journey from young university student to body acceptance advocate to help us realise that all bodies are beautiful…and that difference should be celebrated.  

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  • 7 Ways Periods & Pleasure Go Together – by Rosie Rees

    We asked leading Sex & Relationship Coach, Rosie Rees, for her top tips to enjoy sex on your period…"For me, there’s never been separation between pleasure and menstruation (in my mind!). Stereotypically, period sex has always had a squeamish, negative stigma attached to it, however there is no need to avoid sexual play during your period.

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