Modibodi merino underwear: a comfort revolution for every body

merino wool underwear

Merino wool in underwear: stay fresh, dry and snug all day

Period undies are popping up on every corner, from supermarket shelves to big-brand stores, and as fierce advocates for accessible menstrual products, we’re cheering for more. But in a market flush with options, it’s easy to wind up on a never-ending (and costly) quest to find the perfect pair.  

Ever wondered what sets sellout period underwear apart from the rest? It's all about the fusion between tech, fabric and comfort. Humble brag – our collection of period underwear uses merino wool and effortlessly ticks each box. 

Let's explore why. 


Before we dive in, what is merino wool? 

Merino wool is a natural fibre produced by Merino sheep. Grown on farms across Australia, its texture is fine and silky (think: luxurious) that it is often compared to cashmere.   

When it comes to types of wool, merino is gentle on our skin and kinder to our planet. Merino sheep grow new fleece each year, which is regularly sheared to generate a renewable supply of 100% biodegradable wool.



What's the buzz about using merino wool in underwear?

From glowing online reviews to humble endorsements over lunch, the talk about period underwear isn't going away. Newcomers can be sceptical, but seasoned customers know this to be true: the performance of your period underwear boils down to the lining, and if the lining is made of merino wool, you're on the right track. 

Merino wool is beneficial in many ways:


  • It wicks away moisture to effectively soak up period blood and other leakages.   
  • It absorbs odour and locks it away, releasing it when washed. 
  • It is breathable and quick drying which can stop a sweaty groin in its tracks.


Merino wool is also incredibly soft. In technical terms, merino wool is generally less than 22 microns (1 micron = 1 thousandth of a millimetre). A micron is the diameter of a thread, and the lower the micron, the softer and finer the fibre. For context, human hair is roughly 50-100 microns, so merino wool offers unbeatable softness and comfort without the itch you might experience from other fibres.  


Considering the combined functionality and feel of a merino wool lining, why would you want anything less for your period underwear? 


How we use merino wool in our underwear

Merino wool is the not-so-secret superhero in the absorbent layer of our underwear. Our collection of leak-proof underwear features a lining crafted with a blend of  100% mulesing-free merino wool, meticulously produced using extra-fine merino fibres that are soft on skin and feel you dry. The wool we source is accredited by Woolmark, so you know it’s top quality and meeting all the standards.

By combining the natural benefits of this fibre with absorbent technology, we've created soft and comfortable period undies that offer unparalleled breathability and moisture-wicking bliss for every body. 

Ready to dive in and buy yourself some merino wool underwear? Explore our range of merino-wool-infused apparel below:


Period Underwear

A crowd-favourite, our period underwear is on a mission to keep you dry and protected, so you're ready to take on whatever life throws at you. Wave goodbye to worries and say hello to your new favourite undies. 

Features we love:

  • Available in a range of silhouettes to suit your style
  • Available in a range of absorbencies, from Super Light to Maxi
  • Built-in merino wool blend lining to absorb period blood and pee
  • Made with 95% bamboo viscose and 5% spandex


PUMA x Modibodi Collection

Gear up and conquer leaks with the PUMA X Modibodi Active Collection, your ultimate training partner. Equipped with our supercharged absorbent technology, the pieces in this collection swiftly absorb sweat to keep you training, playing or sweating it out at the gym with confidence. 

Features you’ll enjoy:

  • Concealed absorbent technology that works quickly to absorb sweat and moisture 
  • Built-in merino wool blend lining (3mm) 
  • Made with a blend of fast-drying, recycled fabrics and merino wool

Merino Active Crop

If you’re loving the idea of merino, and want to see how else you can incorporate it into your wardrobe, meet our Merino Active Crop. It's the snug-but-breathable workout buddy guaranteed to keep you cool, comfortable and active all year round. 

Features we're proud of:

  • Patent-pending technology designed to regulate your temperature while you work out
  • Made from 100% mulesing-free merino wool that wicks away moisture and helps your skin breathe



Pop on a pair of merino undies today 

So don't be sheepish – upgrade your underwear with a touch of merino wool to keep you feeling dry and comfortable all day long. Trust us, you won't want to go back.

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