Women’s Health Week

Women’s Health Week

It’s Women’s Health Week so we thought we would remind you about all the things you should be doing for yourself on a daily basis. We know that time is of the essence and that you all run busy lives, but taking out even 5 minutes for yourself a day will do you wonders!

Ticker Time

Did you know that your heart beats more than 100,000 times a day?

Diet is key when it comes to looking after your health! Fruits, vegetables, and fish form the basis of a heart healthy diet. You need at least 5 serves of vegetables and fruits a day.

A handful of nuts a day can keep the doctor a way too! Almonds or walnuts reduce your risk of heart disease.

If your children or partner have been pestering you for a best friend it’s time to give in! Dogs are associated with lower blood pressure, healthier blood-fat profiles, being more physically active.

Taking Time

Be mindful! Neurobiological studies have demonstrated that mindfulness training strengthens the parts of the brain involved with attention and emotional regulation. Therefore, science now tells us that mindfulness can support us in managing stress, anxiety, and depression – helping to make us calmer, happier humans.

Be mindful about your meals too!

Take the time to sit down and eat your meals away from distraction. Chew thoughtfully, put your cutlery down between mouthfuls and enjoy the yumminess of food!

Time to Love your bones

Bone health is incredibly important, especially as we age.

Make sure you eat calcium rich foods such as salmon, broccoli, almonds, and figs to ensure your bones keep their density.

Get out in the sun and add some Vitamin D to your D! Running, jogging and sports like tennis and basketball are also weight bearing which really helps you build your bones.

Time To Move

We like to move it, move it. Getting out and about not only pumps up your endorphins but it also improves your brain performance, sharpens your memory and boosts your immune system.

Whether you're pounding the pavements, slicing through water or chasing after you children, every little helps!

Craving Pillow Time

You may remember our blog post about Sleeping with Confidence. Sleep is so important because we spend around ⅓ of our lives asleep!

Having a good night time routine, away from your screens is a sure fire way to improve your health and ensure you are well rested.

Considering one in five adults don’t get enough sleep, we think this blog is the perfect excuse to turn off your phone and drift off to sleep nice and early tonight with the protection and comfort of Modibodi overnight underwear!

Women’s Health Week runs from the 4th to the 8th of September, so get involved and look after yourself!

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