Top 10 ways to reduce boob sweat  

Top 10 ways to reduce boob sweat  

From summer weather, to sweaty workouts, first date jitters and everything in between, sweaty boobs are a completely natural phenomenon.   

But although most women experience boob sweat at one point or another, it can be a grizzly thing to deal with. From ditching your bra to popping on a moisture-wicking wonder like our very own Sweat-proof Bra, we’ve compiled a list of ways you can let the boob sweat go.  

1. Ditch your bra 

First things first, if freeing the nipple is your thing, let it flow! Ditch your bra once and for all (or at least during the summer) and say goodbye to boob sweat. The extra coverage on your boobs can create sweat central, so letting it all hang out can work wonders. Worried about your nipples peeping out? Consider using pasties!   

2. Opt for a loose top 

Whether you’ve ditched your bra or not, it can help to wear loose-flowing tops during the sweaty season or when you’re feeling extra stressed. Air is your ally when it comes to sweat – and tight clothes are brilliant at trapping heat and moisture. Tight clothes can also lead to sweat stains and wet spots, so opting for a breathable shirt can save you from getting soaked.   

3. Try Argan oil 

Used for centuries by Moroccans as a beloved beauty secret, Argan oil might be your saving grace when it comes to boob sweat. Known for minimising the initial sweat as well as the resulting irritation, simply pop a few drops of oil underneath your boobs. A lot of women report that their sweat, odour and discomfort completely disappears after a few days of using Argan oil!  

4. Pop on some baby powder 

Working wonders for preventing chafing and rashes on babies, it makes sense that baby powder would help boob irritation, too. Simply put a little bit of baby powder under your breasts and you’ll be good to go!   

5. Wear black

It may not stop the sweat, but wearing black can help with wet patches by camouflaging them! Sweat is practically invisible on black clothing, so if you’re prone to feeling embarrassed about sweat patches, you’ll love wearing black.   

6. Find a breathable bra 

It’s important to find the right fit for your girls, but wearing the right material is important too. If sweat gets you down, try to find the most breathable material possible. During the summer season, you might find that cotton is your best friend!   

7. Use baby wipes 

While they won’t stop you from sweating, using baby wipes to keep sweaty days at bay can make a world of difference. On top of that, sweat only begins to smell when it mixes with bacteria – so staying clean will keep odours away!   

8. Ditch the padding 

As an extra layer of clothing that isn’t really needed during the summer months, ditching the padding in your bra could stop your sweat in its tracks. Usually containing synthetic materials, padding is known for trapping moisture against your body and increasing your risk of skin infections! Ugh!   

9. Opt for mesh  

If cotton isn’t your style, your next best bet is mesh. While the material is usually synthetic, the mesh will make sure the moisture doesn’t get trapped in. When your boobs feel the breeze, sweat will evaporate instead of settling in.   

 10. Or your best bet yet: invest in our brilliant Sweat-proof Bra.  

While all of these tips can stop sweat from stealing your sunshine, there’s no better way to nip sweaty boobs in the bud than our new Sweat-Proof Bra. Created with our very own ground-breaking MODIDRY™ technology, our Sweat-Proof Bra makes sweaty boobs a thing of the past. Boasting the powers to hold up to 20ml of sweat, the soft Merino Wool works wonders at wicking away moisture to keep you cool, dry and fresh, all day long.   

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