Tips from the team: how to make your undies last longer

Tips from the team: how to make your undies last longer

Nov 01, 2022sophie nelson

Even though our period undies are tested to last over 100 washes, there are things you can do to help make them last even longer. The better care you take, the better your undies will work for you and keep you leak-free each month.  

Here’s some top tips for getting the longest life out of your period undies from the experts (us).  

Caitlin, Brand Executive 

"When drying your undies, hang them inside out with the lining facing the sun. This speeds up the drying process."

Sophie, Social Media Manager 

"Make sure they are 100% dry before bringing them in. If you put them away while they are still wet, it may cause them to get a damp smell."

Grace, Creative Lead 

"My biggest advice is to rinse straight after use. Don’t let them sit around for too long. When you take them off, rinse thoroughly with cold water until the water runs clear." 

Jac, Lead Copywriter  

"If you’re worried about the ‘ick-factor’ of having to wash the blood out, just take them into the shower with you and let them rinse out on the floor while the cold water runs. You can pick them up and give them a good rinse once most of the blood has already come out." 

Jacquie, Customer Experience  

"If you find they are starting to smell (this can sometimes happen due to your PH levels, not washing them thoroughly, not drying them completely, or not rinsing straight away), give them a rinse with some vinegar or put some in the wash with your load."  

Aimee, Creative Content Manager  

"Make sure you give them a wash before your first wear. This helps activate the absorbent technology in the lining, plus it’s also more hygienic." 

Lucie, Art Director 

"I’d recommend buying 7-9 pairs in different absorbencies, some Light-Moderate for those just-in-case days and Maxi for heavier nights. That way you’ll have enough to cover you for your whole period, including the washing and drying times." 

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