The truth about body shape post baby

I recently saw an interview in the media with three amazing mothers who talk about their experience dealing with their own expectations of body shape post baby. If you have ever felt alone and worried about your own shape then I encourage you to check out for some real mum’s perspectives and photos of body shapes post baby.

While fashion may always choose models based on certain looks and physiques, as a society we should talk more openly about the body imperfections and taboo issues that most of us, even models face. As a grown woman and mother I feel more confident in my body than ever before and this is mainly because I have a great group of female friends who I can talk openly with, so I feel my problems are normal. I applaud this website and the women who are sharing their stories and issues with other women openly. The more we talk about it the more we will be aware of the changes that occur during various phases of a woman’s life.

We also need to educate younger generations of women about the body, the life changes, the imperfections, the issues and the normality of it all. There should also be increased discussion about the exact tips or tricks that are used by stylists and photographers to hide certain imperfections of models, actors and TV presenters.

As a fashion label owner I am not against the use of specific looking models to best represent a brand, nor am I against a woman’s right to make choices about how she wishes to present her body/face. However, I do believe we could all work towards creating a more truthful and honest society, one that doesn’t hide away from body imperfections and issues.

If we continue to disguise and stay secret about the true body and its functions then we will continue to confuse generations of women.

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