The next generation shapewear for lady leaks by Modibodi is here!

The next generation shapewear for lady leaks by Modibodi is here!

Jun 30, 2018Alice Cheng

One of the more frustrating things (among others) in life being a woman is that uncomfortable feeling we get around ‘that time of month’. And even worse is that heavy bloated feeling that comes along with it. At Modibodi, we’ve listened to you and created the ultimate that shapewear leak-proof briefs that contour your body with maximum flow protection so you never had to worry about sneaky lady leaks ever again!

As we like to shake things up, there’s no surprise that newest addition to our apparel range is a world first exclusive design. The contour hi-waist full brief with leak-proof technology that brings out your killer curves with the added leak-proof  protection to ensure you feel 100% confident. Modibodi was made so that every bodi can go with a different flow! If your anything like us and hate VPL (Visable Panty Line) and the feeling of bulky granny undies and pads we tend to grab when its "that time of the month", this new style is perfectly suited to replace these items to ensure you are feeling your most comfortable, sassy and curvy self. 

We understand that your period doesn't wait for anyone, our contour hi-waist allows you to continue to feel your sexiest even when on your period or experiencing sneaky lady leaks. Perfect for under sassy figure hugging dresses for formal or work events. Designed for all you powerful and intelligent bodi’s out there, our breathable and smoothing  shapewear briefs have our signature patented Modifier technology™ that absorbs up to 15ml of flow where its periods, discharge, light bladder leaks that’s roughly 1-1 ½ tampons! You can use alone on light to medium period days or as back up on heavier flow days. Not only does the shapewear briefs safely absorb fluid and locks it away, it also fights bacteria and stops smells, so you can get on with your day-to-day lifestyle.

We’re all about respect and empowering women and their bodies on the inside as well as on the outside. The innovate inbuilt mesh panel is designed to smooth and compliment your body shape in all its curves as it creates your silhouette in all the right places that’s right, not tight!  

We believe that everybody is beautiful no matter what your body shape, so we’ve ranged our shapewear briefs to include sizes from 10 (S)-18 (2XL).

Modibodi collection is also environmentally friendly, as they are reusable and sustainable to liberate us all from endless amounts of landfill. To women, changing the world, one underwear at a time and looking and feeling amazing during the process!

You can try our contour range under the 30 day risk free trial. As a first time customer we understand that it can be daughtening trying new things (espcially when it comes to our mensturation and LBL), just simply order your Modibodi's and try them out for 30 days and if they aren't suited to your needs shoot us an email . For more information on the 30 day risk free trial and if you are eligible click here

Visit the contour product page here and try yours out today.

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