PUMA x Modibodi. A revolution in period activewear is here.

PUMA x Modibodi. A revolution in period activewear is here.

Alert your teammates, because the day has finally come...  

Our latest collaboration with PUMA is here and, if you ask us, it’s an exciting one. After uncovering a disturbing stat that 1 in 2 girls quit sport due to their periods, we knew we had to do something about it. So together with global sports brand, PUMA, we’ve designed a range of new patent-pending, leak-proof activewear to help more girls keep their head in the game.  

Why period activewear?  

Let’s take a step back. In May 2022, we commissioned a global report to learn more about what’s going on with girls in sport. The results were fascinating.  

Despite most female athletes dealing with their period in one way or another, it’s rarely talked about. We discovered that women and girls want periods to be more openly discussed in the sports world. But more than that, we learned that 50% of girls experience discomfort from disposable pads and tampons when taking part in sport and exercise.  

These stats inspired us when developing our second PUMA x Modibodi collection. Along with the new range of leak-proof activewear, we’re launching a series of ‘Period Pep Talks’ starring PUMA athlete, Tiana Penitani. When it comes to playing with periods, she’s a pro and she’s ready to pass on her wisdom to the next generation of aspiring athletes.  

“I remember hitting puberty and finding it so hard to play on the field. The bulkiness of pads, the discomfort of tampons and the fear of leaking every month made me really nervous to play,” says Tiana.  

“One of the things I love about the new PUMA x Modibodi activewear is how they are designed to support the body whilst menstruating and in movement so you can play without fear of leaking or the discomfort of disposables. It's so freeing!  

What’s in the collection? 

This ground-breaking range combines our patent-pending Activewear Technology with world-class expertise from global sports brand, PUMA. It’s truly a revolution in period activewear.  

Are you a leggings fan or love a pair of shorts? Well, we have both. The collection includes two styles of activewear – the Recycled Active Short and the 7/8 Recycled Active Leggings, in classic black or chic aubergine colour.  



 How does it work? 

Both the leggings and shorts feature our concealed, patent-pending absorbent technology, which means you can move, jump, kick, and sweat – all without leaks on your mind. These Moderate-Heavy styles can hold 2-3 tampons. And the best part? They’re made to look and feel just like your regular activewear. Win!  

Ready to feel comfortable in movement? Check out the new PUMA x Modibodi collection HERE

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