Puberty Blues Series: First Periods

Puberty Blues Series: First Periods

Puberty is a confusing time in every young girls life. Changes are happening both physically and mentally and our hormones are often running wild. The thought of getting a first period can be extremely daunting as we often don't know what to look out for or what the signs may be that its approaching.

Whether you're reflecting on your on first period experience, preparing your daughter for hers, or going through it yourself. Read on to hear Modibodi's top learnings.

1 What does puberty look like? 

Puberty happens in stages and is usually around 2-5 years in length. In the years before your first period you will notice the growing of pubic hair and breasts. Most girls begin puberty between the ages of 8-13 and will start menstruating between 9 and 15.

Ask your mum when she got her first period, as biology suggests this could be an indicator for what time yours will arrive.

Your body will also begin to change shape, you might notice your hips and pelvis widening and its normal to go up a few clothes sizes to adjust to this.

Take note of whats happening in your underwear, as vaginal fluid is often another strong indicator of when your first period might arrive. About 6-12 months before you begin menstruating you may notice more fluid in your vagina and on your underwear. It will most probably be white and odourless and is due to the changes in oestrogen levels in your body. Your vagina becomes more acidic and starts to produce more health bacteria in preparation for menstruation. In the weeks right before your first period you might notice the discharge becomes more milky which is also completely normal, its just an increase in cervical fluid.  

2. What will your first period look like?

Everyones first period looks very different. For some, its very deep red in colour and is obviously the beginning of menstruation, for others the colour might appear more of a dark brown and it may be harder to tell that its your period. Don't be afraid to ask your mum or anyone you trust for advice if you're unsure about what this might mean.

3. Will it be regular?

Its completely normal for menstrual cycles to be somewhat irregular for about two years after your first period. This means your period may not come on the exact day its calculated to, it might be longer in one cycle and short in the next and it may be heavier and then lighter. The point is, don't worry if your period is acting very unpredictable, its just your body adjusting to this new life stage and trying to make sense of it all!  

4. How will I feel?

The arrival of your first period also signifies a big change in terms of hormones. This might make you feel more emotional, angry, confused or antisocial than usual, and its something that is extremely common.

Always remember to take a deep breath and take things slowly and carefully. Try not to plan a busy week when you know you'll have your period or you'll end up feeling extremely overwhelmed and stress!

Getting your first period is also a time in your life where you'll be feeling really confused and probably a little nervous. You'll be wondering what changes are happening to your body and how this will affect you. Its important to have a trusted person you can ask these questions to, and remember not to believe everything your friends tell you!

5. What should I track? 

Essential things to keep track of are your bleeding patterns and any pain such as lower back aches or menstrual cramps. There are lots of iPhone apps created specifically for tracking your menstrual cycle such as Period Tracker. 

Helpful things to keep track of is your mood, acne levels, cervical fluid, digestion and any other symptoms you might experience during menstruation.

Keeping track of these allows you to pinpoint any patterns that will help you better adjust for your next cycle. For example, if you know your period is coming on a certain day which causes you to break out and feel extremely tired, then in the days proceeding you can sit with a face mask on at night and make sure you get at least an extra hour of sleep each night. Its all about finding what works for you and your body and making the right lifestyle changes.

Remember not to feel overwhelmed or disconnected from your body during this transition period. Everyone develops at different paces and different stages so don't compare yourself to your friends and don't panic if you're further ahead or behind than anyone else - its not a race!

6. How do I deal with getting my period unexpectedly at school or social outings? 

This is a nightmarish thought for a lot of girls who are entering puberty and are unsure of when their first period might arrive. Its really daunting to think it could land on you at any moment and possibly at a very inconvenient time!

You don't have to worry any longer, because you'll be one step ahead with Modibodi. Forget about packing a spare pair of underwear to school each day just in case, and using endless panty liners as a last ditch form of protection.

Modibodi underwear is designed not only to protect your clothes from any unexpected leaks, but it also gives you piece of mind every single day so that you can carry on with your life. You could be sitting in a classroom or dancing the night away at a party, your period could arrive and you wouldn't even have to know or care! We know, it seems like an absolutely crazy idea, but trust us, its a possibility with Modibodi.

For mothers who are worried about their daughters period arriving unexpectedly then don't worry any longer. Give both of you peace of mind and invest in a pair of Modibodis.

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