Postpartum Diaries With Kristy Chong

Postpartum Diaries With Kristy Chong

THE POSTPARTUM DIARIES: Modibodi founder & CEO, Kristy Chong  

We want to help people get comfortable with their pregnant and postpartum bodies, but we know it’s not always easy. We want to start conversations, share real stories, as well as create high-performing products which look as good as they feel.    

We'll be sharing postpartum diaries from Modibodi team members as well as people from our community, to share real, raw and personal stories - as no birth story is the same!

Describe your postpartum experience? 

After four kids, my postpartum experience has been both negative and positive, and that’s because it’s impacted by the baby’s temperament, who they are, who you are, your life circumstances…and how busy you are during that life stage.  

What were the main physical challenges? 

The lack of sleep, bouts of mastitis, a leaky bladder, abdominal muscle separation with my fourth child which was painful…it’s been quite challenging on a number of levels.  

What were the main emotional challenges? 

For me it was actually the lack of control, especially with the first child when I didn’t truly understand that this baby would dictate my whole life. Then, with the second child it becomes about the juggle and managing to juggle the new baby with everything else, so it becomes quite stressful.  

What was the most unexpected aspect of the postpartum phase? 

It was a positive thing, and that was the instinct that just kicks in to act as and be a mother, and how much you love your precious baby even when they’re screaming at you and you don’t know how to work them out. It’s amazing how much that instinct just kicks in.  

On reflection, is there anything you wish you’d known in advance?  

I wish I’d known about the physical changes like the leaky bladder, cracked nipples, that you bleed for up to six weeks, that breastfeeding is hard, and that there are helpful support services out there – like Tresilian, or like mother’s groups which can be such a support. I found it important to be able to share my story with others.  

If you had another baby, what would you do differently? 

I’m definitely not having another baby! What I do know from having 4 kids is that it doesn’t really matter how you parent them, that baby is who they are and who they’re going to be so just throw out all the books and try to cope and do the best you can.  

How do you think the postpartum experience was for your partner? 

I’ll answer in relation to our first child. I think it was quite exciting, he had the same sense of love, but it’s also challenging as the partner doesn’t necessarily have the same mental and physical challenges as the mother but their life does change a lot and they can lose a sense of control. If I ask for help my partner always jumps in, but I can be a bit of a martyr too, so that’s something I’m always working on!  

What products did you use during the postpartum stage? 

Thankfully Modibodi was around by the time I had my 3rd child – our leak-proof undies and original version of the breastfeeding singlet – but I also used the same products as most people like nipple cream and a breast pump, as well as my Mountain Buggy pram which survived 12 years and four kids which was pretty awesome.  

Any advice for mums-to-be and their partners? 

Don’t be fooled by having a sleeping baby early on and thinking you have it sorted. After a few weeks they’ll wake up and shout and you won’t know how to sort them out for the next year, but it will get a little easier month by month.  

What was your personal experience of maternity bras?  

The maternity bras I used were uncomfortable and offered no functional support for sweaty, leaky breasts.   

Have you used disposable breast pads? 

Unfortunately for my first child I had to because there was nothing else out there. I’d use 10 a day and I found them very scratchy, uncomfortable, stinky, and they never stayed in place.  

What was your vision for Modibodi’s new Breastfeeding Bra and Cami, and how are they different to what’s currently on the market? 

Our new Breastfeeding Bra and Cami have the most amazing design, fit and comfort and I’m so proud to be sharing them with you. Our team have years of prior experience in bra design and manufacture and the comfort of this new bra is phenomenal. I actually think you’ll want to wear them every day even after the pregnancy and postpartum stages.  

But they don’t just look good, they have the added benefit of managing leaky breasts and sweat.  

How do you think more innovative products help nursing mums? 

It’s just one less leaky issue to think about in your day, and one less eco-damaging product you have to use and then feel guilty about.  


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