How Modibodi’s Game-Changing Underwear Keeps You Dry During Your Period  

How Modibodi’s Game-Changing Underwear Keeps You Dry During Your Period  

Fact: Not all undies are created equal. A lot, and we mean A LOT of time, effort and high tech wizardry have gone into making the world’s most comfortable and protective period-proof, pee-proof underwear. But we don’t mind. Because here at Modibodi we happen to think ALL ladies deserve to feel comfy, dry and confident ALL of the time!

To understand how we make the pee-catching, period-absorbing, odour-eliminating magic happen, here’s a peek at the unique technology that makes our undies anything but ordinary.

1. Magic Gusset (Modifier Technology™)

All Modibodi period-proof undies feature a special kind of magic we like to call Modifier Technology™. This patented leak-proof technology is exclusive to Modibodi, developed Down Under to keep women around the world comfortable, well, down under.

But what the fig does Modifier Technology™ mean? It’s basically just fancy words for the moisture wicking, absorbent, leak-proof, antibacterial, breathable, stain resistant and ultra-comfy built-in panty liner that comes in all Modibodi knickers. At just 3mm thick, this super-slim in-built liner is small but it’s mighty, holding up to 20ml or 2 tampons’ worth of fluid!

2. Magic Layers

Our Modifier Technology™ is powered by 3 unique layers, each performing a different duty. The top layer quickly wicks away moisture, fights bacteria and stops awkward smells, keeping you dry and fresh. The middle layer absorbs the fluid (pee, blood, discharge) and locks it away. The bottom layer delivers extra waterproof protection, so you can feel super secure and super sassy, 365 days of the year.

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3. Different Absorbencies

As anyone with a period would know, sometimes it sprinkles, sometimes it pours, so Modibodi comes in different absorbencies. Which we’ve demonstrated in the handy diagram below.

4. Rinse, Wash, Dry and Repeat!

How do you wash these mysterious period proof knickers?

Simple, rinse ( we hear some customers like to rinse their Modibodi’s in the shower, time efficiency to the max!) wash on cold cycle ( in a laundry bag for extra love) and hang to try in the wonder drier- the sun!

Have you experienced the Modibodi magic yet?

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