Your questions about Modibodi underwear, answered

Your questions about Modibodi underwear, answered

Your questions about Modibodi underwear, answered 

Since you’ve made it to our blog, we’d have a guess that you know there are more options for your period than just pads and tampons. But, if you didn’t – we wouldn’t blame you. With disposable products dominating the period care space for years, it’s super common for many of us to think those products are our only option. 

Luckily for all of us, there’s a whole wide world of period care products out there that are cleverly designed and totally leak-proof – including Modibodi underwear.

Here’s the 411 on everything you need to know.  

What is Modibodi underwear? 

Let’s start with the basics. Period underwear goes by many names. You might see them described as period pants, menstrual underwear, reusable period pants or leak-proof undies. Essentially, they’re all the same thing. 

It works in a similar way to a pad – nothing is inserted into the vagina, and it absorbs blood from the outside. But unlike a pad, which you have to rip open and stick a new one into your underwear every few hours, period underwear has an absorbent lining built-in to the underwear for a seamless fit. 


How does period underwear work? 

The secret behind how Modibodi underwear works is our patented technology: a 3-layer lining that absorbs your period, without leaking or feeling wet. 

Here’s a breakdown of how each layer works:

  • The top layer quickly wicks away moisture and controls odour, so you feel dry and fresh. 
  • The middle layer absorbs blood or fluid and locks it away (up to 50mls depending on the absorbency level you go with).
  • The bottom layer is waterproof protection, so you’re super secure with minimal chance of leaking through.

This triple-threat technology means that blood doesn’t just sit on the top of the lining but is absorbed in and wicked away from your body while quick-drying so you don’t feel damp. 


Do Modibodi leak? How often do you have to change them?  

Thanks to our technology, you don’t have to worry about leaking if you wear the right absorbency level for your flow. 

For example, you could choose our Sensual Hi-Waist Bikini in Heavy-Overnight on a heavy period day, our Classic Bikini in Light-Mod on a lighter period day, or even a pair of period swimwear for leak-proof protection while you’re at the beach or pool. 

To prevent leaking, you also need to change your underwear before they get full. Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean you have to change your underwear multiple times a day (like you would a pad or tampon). 

Most Modibodi wearers can stay in one pair of leak-proof underwear all day long – simply changing into a new pair to sleep in if they want overnight protection. In the first one or two days, when your period is heavier, you might need to change more often. 

If you can start to feel your underwear getting wet, that means they’ve reached absorbency capacity and you’ll need to change.

How do you wash Modibodi? 

Taking care of your period underwear is simple and can help you get the longest wear (and value for money over time). So it’s important to know how to wash your Modibodi underwear.

Before your first time wearing it, wash your Modibodi underwear on a cold cycle to unlock the absorbency powers. Then, after each use, rinse under the tap or in the shower until the water runs clear before popping into a cold wash.

And if you are asking ‘Can you put Modibodi underwear in the dryer’? The answer is it’s best to hang dry, then reuse and repeat every month. Easy as. 


Finding your perfect pair 

We’ve answered your questions, and now we have one for you: Would you give period undies a go?

If you’re ready to try them out and want to know where to buy Modibodi underwear - head to our website. The Starter Pack is a great place to start, as it includes three different absorbency levels so you can find the one that works for you.

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