Modibodi Period & Pee-Proof Swimwear Has Arrived And It Will Make Your Summer!

Modibodi Period & Pee-Proof Swimwear Has Arrived And It Will Make Your Summer!

Not content with reinventing the ‘period pantie’, we’ve taken the plunge for summer and are super excited to announce the arrival of Modibodi Swim – our sassy and sustainable line of anti-leak and period-proof swimwear (a.k.a pee & period proof)! With over 500 cossies pre-ordered and another 300 beach babes on our waitlist, we can finally reveal the wait is OVER, stock has landed, and our evolutionary swimmers are, well, swimming out the door.

Modibodi Swim is more revolutionary than the original bikini. And more hi-tech than the iPhoneX. In our humble opinion.

Available in two universally flattering, classic black styles – the Got Your Backstroke Leak-Proof Active Bikini, and the Set My Freestyle Leak-Proof One Piece – Modibodi Swim cossies are the perfect blend of sustainability and sass. And they’re guaranteed to keep you dry, comfy and carefree, all summer long!

Here’s How It Works

You told us you loved our award-winning ‘go-with-the-flow’ absorbent undies, so we started thinking… how could we help you avoid those #awks lady leaks at the beach, or by the pool? We knew we had to create a solution when our research revealed 1 in 2 young girls won’t swim on her period for fear of a leak & 30% of fellow ladies suffer from incontinence and avoid taking a dip altogether. That’s no way to live!

Once we had the idea of pee-proof, period-proof swimwear, we got to work sourcing the very best fibres and fabrics, then rigorously testing our prototypes on real-life ladies – women and girls with, shock horror, periods, or those who (sometimes) often peed themselves laughing – until we locked down our winner.

The result is swimwear that is water repellent – drying three times faster than regular swimsuits – as well as leak-proof and period-proof. Each swimsuit has a triple-layered gusset that absorbs and locks in the fluid like a boss; specifically, up to 10 ml or one tampon worth!

Patent-pending Modifier Swim Technology ensures Modibodi swimsuits effectively catch sneaky pelvic floor leaks and period flow while keeping your swimsuit free from stains and odours.

Who is Modibodi Swim For?

Anyone with a lady garden who enjoys aquatic activities can wear Modibodi swimwear. However, girls and women with pelvic floor weakness will benefit the most, alongside those looking for a swim-friendly, environmentally-friendly alternative to tampons.

We recommend Modibodi Swim:

- if you have pelvic floor weakness, eg. after childbirth

- you’re experiencing spotting

- you have a light to moderate period, and want to go tampon-free ( that's up to 10ml of fluid)

- as a back-up (in addition to a tampon) for extra-heavy flow days

How to Purchase Modibodi Swim

You can now purchase our revolutionary period-proof swimwear from our online store. Modibodi swimwear is available from a size AU/UK6 (for girls 12 – 14), up to a women’s AU/UK16 for the Got Your Backstroke Leak-Proof Active Bikini, and AU/UK18 the Set My Freestyle Leak-Proof One Piece.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get back in the water!

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