Modibodi & Mums – A Match Made in Pregnancy

Modibodi & Mums – A Match Made in Pregnancy

With one in three women suffering from accidental pee leakage post-birth, pelvic floor problems can really take the gloss off motherhood! Thankfully, Modibodi is here to catch every last drop, nix nasty odours, and help you regain your confidence. Without an embarrassing adult nappy or panty liner in sight. (Or sitting in landfill until the end of time…)  

That’s right – while you probably know us for our sustainable, period-proof undies, we wanted to remind you we’re equally passionate about pee! Specifically, catching it, trapping it, eradicating its odour, and preventing pesky leaks and damp knickers from ruining your day.

At Modibodi, we want every woman to feel confident at every life stage, from her tweens right through to her golden years. So, you’d better believe we are 100% committed to helping you breathe (and sneeze!) easy during that magical mama time!

Our Celeb Mum Fan Club

We LOVE mums and mums-to-be, and it turns out the feeling is mutual. Modibodi has a growing tribe of celebrity mum and mumfluencer fans, including The Real Mumma, Mum Society Founder Kylie Ostle, former Olympic swimmer Elka Whalan, and The Fit Mummy Project Founder, Kimmy Smith. Our body-positive mumfluencers choose Modibodi for the freedom and protection our pee-proof undies provide, both during and after pregnancy.

Our Maternity Brief

While all Modibodi styles offer extra support as you strengthen your pelvic floor after childbirth, our Maternity Brief is designed for optimal comfort – and dryness – while your bun’s in the oven. A stylish alternative to the granny panties many pregnant women buy in bulk then toss later, the Modibodi Maternity Brief provides backup for sneaky leaks. Because, let’s face it, with a growing uterus putting pressure on your bladder, kegels can only do so much!

Pregnant women typically experience increased discharge as well, so our Maternity Brief is a comfortable and eco-friendly alternative to daily panty liner wear. Made from naturally odour fighting, certified organic bamboo, the sleek, silky brief features Modibodi’s patented Modifier Technology™ – a moisture wicking, absorbent, leak-proof, antibacterial, breathable, stain resistant and ultra-comfy built-in panty liner.

Sitting just under the hips, the Maternity Brief has a v-shaped waistband dip to comfortably accommodate a growing tum. With a light to moderate absorbency level, it can absorb up to 10ml (or 1-2 teaspoons/1-1½ tampons’ worth) of fluid. As for washing? They’re easy to keep fresh – simply rinse out, wash in a garment bag on a cold cycle, then hang out to air-dry in the sun.

If you’re an expectant or new mum looking to cough, sneeze and belly laugh with confidence, check out Modibodi today!

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