Love Modibodi™, try it for 30 days risk free! The Modibodi™ promise.

Love Modibodi™, try it for 30 days risk free! The Modibodi™ promise.

We know that it can be risky trying something new, and sometimes the fear of something not working leads us to not trying. Well, we can promise you with Modibodi ™ it is worth taking the risk. We are a brand that has taken regular underwear and made it exceptionally better for you. We not only offer superior protection but some of the most comfortable pair of undergarments you will ever wear. Our underwear promises to be absorbent, sweat-proof, leak resistant and odour eradicating. How can we promise this? Well it’s taken us many years of scientific research to create our patent-pending Modifier Technology™ ( which is absorbent and leak-proof) and patent-pending Modifier-air technology™ (this is the moisture wicking magic).

We want you to feel confident in purchasing your Modibodi™ undergarments, and that's why we have a no-questions-asked return/exchange policy for first time orders and new customers, within 30 days. We are so confident that you will love your Modibodi™ as much as we do, that once you try them, you’ll be back for more!

In order to process a return or exchange, please email with your order number and the item you would like to send back. If you live outside of Australia, be sure to contact us to discuss shipping options.

For more information on our 30 day risk free policy visit our Q & A page Go on, discover underwear. reinvented. Shop Modibodi here.  Then, we'll get back to you with next steps!  

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