Meet Our Active Ambassador: Professional Paralympic Snowboarder Joany Badenhorst

Meet Our Active Ambassador: Professional Paralympic Snowboarder Joany Badenhorst

Here at Modibodi we find ourselves constantly inspired by incredible women who challenge the status quo and break down barriers at every turn, but every once in a while we come across a woman who completely knocks our socks off. And one sock-knocker-off-er that we had the pleasure of meeting recently is Joany.

Joany Badenhorst is an Paralympic Snowboarder, who has represented Australia at three Winter Games and is also a World Cup medalist - just in case she needed anymore qualifications!

She’s a tremendous athlete and an absolute ray of sunshine, who just happens to have one leg. Not that you would ever notice, because Joany never stops moving, smiling and being her best self. That’s why when Joany told us that she was a Modibodi fan, we knew straight away that she’d be the perfect person to launch our active range!

We had the pleasure of shooting with Ms. Badenhorst on Freshwater beach (just a day before the most phenomenal storm Sydney has seen in years) and we had the best time capturing her working out, frolicking in the water and looking gorgeous in her Modibodi gear.

Want to go behind the scenes with Joany? Take a look at our time on set. And by set, we mean the sand…

We feel immensely lucky to have Joany as part of the Modibodi family, and we wish her all the best with her snowy sporting adventures in the future!

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