I do it when I wake up - kegels, kegels, kegels that is

While my Modibodi underwear is great for keeping women secure and confident on those days when hormones, muscles, weather or activity levels just aren’t being kind, it is still very important for all of us women, especially post childbirth, to work on strengthening our pelvic floor muscles to prevent severe incontinence or potential prolapse. We can do that of course by practising our kegel exercises correctly.

What are kegels?

As taken directly from Wikipedia "By strengthening the pelvic floor muscle properly using kegel exercises, you can help to prevent a possible prolapse as well as decrease the severity of incontinence issues." Arnold Kegels

For those interested in knowing the correct way to practice, please read the tips below “Tips for doing correct kegel exercises”, which provides 4 simple tips to correctly undertake kegel exercises. It is important to follow correct kegel exercises as wrong exercises can actually lead to weaker muscles.

As I was practising my kegel exercises this morning it got me thinking about when and where other women practised their kegel exercises. They really are one of those things you can practice anywhere and at any time. So are there other women like me who when they remember to, practice their kegels in bed first thing in the morning?

Well I felt it was time to lift the lid on this secret women’s business, and so I asked a few of my friends to confirm whether they were undertaking kegel exercises and if so, when and where they were doing it.

Here’s what they said:

Robyn - “During pilates class or when I am waiting in line, but not routinely”

Nicole - “While I am breastfeeding my baby, so many times a day at the moment”

Lorraine – “Anywhere, anytime, just when I think of it, which is often when I am driving”

Amber – “No I don’t practice them”

Anna - “I practise mine daily on the bus on the way to work”

Sharn – “I try to remember when brushing my teeth, driving in the car, I also make a point of doing them when masturbating and love making”

Ingy – “I think of it as holistic fitness. It's not just for prevention, but for looooove! I've tried to incorporate it into my meditation and it works a treat”

Em – “What are kegels?”

Sharon – “Pretty much every day and usually in bed before I go to sleep”

Mandi – “I'm more of a sporadic kegeler and at random places and doing whatever! That's what great about it, noone knows!”

Eleanor – “Yes, I try to practice kegels while at my desk at work or on the train – though probably need to practice more than I do!”

Helen G – “No exercise done by me”

So ladies as you have just read, the places and times are very varied, and not everyone is doing it or is very routine about it. If anything this post serves as a reminder to all of us to try and remember to schedule in some time for our kegels, and let’s just hope the rewards pay off in the long run.

Thanks to all my family and friends for sharing so openly. I am really hopeful that together us women can take away the taboo associated with talking openly about our own moisture and odour related issues.


Below are 4 simple kegel exercises to practice whenever and wherever you like. It is important to follow correct kegel exercises as wrong exercises can actually lead to weaker muscles.

1. You can stand, sit down, or lay down with your legs slightly apart. Relax the muscles in your thighs and the muscles in your abdomen.

2. Inhale slowly and deeply as you squeeze in and up. Exhale slowly as you release. It’s important to coordinate your breathing with the exercises.

3. Tighten the ring of muscle around your front and back passages drawing the muscles in and up as you squeeze.

4. Try to complete up to 10 slow squeezes and up to 10 fast squeezes. Do this at least four to five times each day.

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