How your Modibodi are made: the benefits of technology in fashion

Love wearing Modibodi? You’re in good company. We know one of the first things that Modibodi customers do is tell friends and family about their new find. But are you struggling to explain what “period-proof” or “leak-proof underwear” actually is? Read on to learn how our fashionable, high-tech collections are made and work hard to keep you comfortable during your cycle, at the gym, when travelling or managing light bladder leakage.

Fibre technologies made Modibodi unique

Modibodi underwear collections use either our patent pending Modifier Technology™ or our Modifier Air Technology™.

The Modifier Technology™ includes a natural fibre top layer that wicks moisture quickly through into an ultra-absorbent middle layer and the bottom breathable, water-proof layer protects from leaks onto clothes. The three layers combined are super slim at just three millimeters, so it just feels like wearing regular underwear. The whole garment is antibacterial to eliminate any odour. So you can wear Modibodi as a backup to disposables, or even replace your disposable hygiene products and step out knowing you are protected and do not need to worry about unexpected surprises.

Our Modifier Air Technology™ garments feature just the natural fibre top layer that wicks moisture away from the body so you feel dry. It is also antimicrobial and ensures you stay sweat and odour free.

Natural fibres and athletic fabrics

Wool isn’t a fibre normally associated with underwear, but it is a material that takes centre stage in our Active collection. MerinoPerform™ is used for its three-tier laying system, similar to Modibodi’s own patented Modifier Technology™ with top, middle and bottom layers having a specific function. MerinoPerform™ layers work together for breathability, insulation and moisture management: three important factors for anyone on the go.

Microfibre nylon features in our Smooth collection. The outer fabric is crafted with soft, light microfibre nylon especially because of its moisture wicking, quick drying, and anti-pilling properties.

  • While developing our Collections, we turned to natural athletic fibres for our Classic and Sensual Bamboo is celebrated for its sumptuous softness against skin, breathability, ability to wick moisture away so the wearer feels cool, and because it is naturally anti-bacterial so will not hold odour.

Comfort always comes first

For many brands, the decision to use cheaper, low-performance fabrics allows them to sell underwear at ridiculously low prices. At Modibodi, comfort and performance comes first: we seek out materials that guarantee our high-quality product does what we need it to do. Advances in fashion technology enabled us to create a product that is easy to wear while offering peace of mind to women of all ages.

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