How to host a baby shower your friend will enjoy

How to host a baby shower your friend will enjoy

Feel like everyone around you is pregnant? Let our tips help you host a baby shower to honour and celebrate any friend transitioning into a new phase of life.

When to do it

In Australia, baby showers commonly take place when the mum-to-be is in the eighth month of pregnancy. Depending on your planned activities, Sunday afternoons are a popular timeslot. Bear in mind your guest-of-honour might be ready to go home and put her feet up after four to five hours of partying. Gauge where she is at throughout the day – celebrate, but ensure she leaves while still having fun. 

Who to invite

Baby showers traditionally attract a women-only guest list, but don’t exclude anyone if your friend has close male mates who should be there (that includes the father-to-be). Explain on the invite it is a child-friendly event, so guests can RSVP accordingly for catering purposes.

It is also worth remembering not all culture practices baby showers: some view the practice with superstitious eyes. Be mindful of your friend’s heritage and traditions, and sound out any sensitivities in advance with your friend when inviting family members who err on the traditional side.

What to give

The Modibodi maternity range includes leak proof underwear and a breastfeeding singlet, allowing mums to ditch the nursing pads. Both pieces count as unexpected essentials within a gift hamper. As host, you can initiate a group gift idea on the invitation and use an online platform such as Leetchi to collect funds and crowdsource additional quality gift ideas from attendees. This method also allows you to purchase hamper items in advance within a set budget and ensure everyone’s name is on the card (even if they are unable to attend on the day).

If opting for individual gifts, bear in mind opening each present will take some time. Arm your guests with cake beforehand so they can enjoy eating while each gift is opened and admired.

What to do

Like bachelorette parties, the celebrations are best informed by your guest-of-honour’s personal taste. Instead of cheesy games that leave everyone feeling awkward (especially those who are childfree), focus on the positive experience of motherhood. Create a beaded necklace together for mum to wear during labour and keep as source of strength. Go around in a circle and let each guest share a wish for both mother and baby. Record the conversation on your smart phone and send the audio to your friend to listen to after the baby is born. Keep the tone positive and encouraging: by having conversations centred on shared parenting knowledge, your pregnant pal will walk away with plenty more than the gifts she receives on the day.

Did you have a baby shower? What did you enjoy most about it?

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