How to Donate Modibodi Undies to Women in Need

How to Donate Modibodi Undies to Women in Need

May 13, 2019Katie Stow

We are fortunate enough to have potentially the most caring customers on the planet who frequently ask us what they can do to get Modibodi underwear out to women in need. So we thought we’d go through the ways that this can happen so that if you’re reading this and want to help out – you can!

The simplest way to donate leak-proof underwear is through our Give A Pair program, which allows you to both buy undies for yourself and donate too. Through buying a $25 ‘virtual pair’ voucher, we will donate two pairs of physical Modibodi underwear to women in need.


Want to know where exactly your donation ends up?

Our underwear gets distributed to a number of places, but these are four examples of where they could be heading after donating a ‘Give A Pair’:

Women in refuge centres

Escaping violent and dangerous situations at home, ladies who find themselves in refuge centres often only arrive with the clothes on their back – meaning they haven’t packed essentials that help them with little leaks. Your donation can help them feel protected at a time they need it most

Homeless women

Homelessness is a bigger issue than you might think, with many women and girls finding themselves on the streets. When you’re scraping together loose change for food, you don’t tend to spend your dollars on period products. Your donation could keep them covered and clean in even the harshest of conditions.

Girls Fighting Period Poverty

Across the globe girls are unable to attend school when they have their period as they have no products to help out. Your donation could mean that they may not miss 12 weeks a year of the education they deserve.

Women across India

Modibodi is planning a trip to India to hand out leak-proof underwear to women and girls in need, meaning they can crack on with their school, work and everyday lives without incontinence and periods getting in their way.


Another way you can get Modibodi underwear out to those in need is if you’re affiliated with a charity and would like a donation from Modbodi to distribute yourself. We’re always open to working with not-for-profits and small philanthropic businesses that want to help fight period poverty and get life-changing products out to people who need them the most.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in then please get in touch with the team via with a few details about yourself, your organisation and your mission.

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