Honest tips to best prepare for your periods, and how period undies can ease the anxiety

Honest tips to best prepare for your periods, and how period undies can ease the anxiety

Sep 15, 2016Alice Cheng

The thought of getting your period can be extremely daunting. Whether you’re thinking about yourself, a daughter, sister, or anyone – the best way to feel comfortable and equipped to handle any situation is gaining knowledge.

If you have your period or think you may get it soon, its normal to feel all kinds of things such as nervous, curious, anxious and maybe even excited.

If its still early days then your flow may be irregular, making it tricky sometimes to know when it will next arrive and how to prepare yourself.

While it can feel as though everything is changing, it’s all about arming yourself with as much knowledge as possible and ensuring you feel comfortable.  And one of the best ways to do that is through your trusted period panties – a comfortable pair of Modibodi’s!  

What Modibodi can do for you

Modibodi’s will be your best friend, as they look and feel just like normal underwear, and nobody, including you would ever be able to tell the difference! As your period is just beginning, its unlikely that your flow will be very heavy, so starting out with a light absorbency pair of Modibodi underpants will offer the perfect amount of protection. It’s a great way to ease into the underwear as well, and familiarise yourself with how they feel and work, and which style and size best suits you. Something simple like the Classic Bikini would be a great place to start. You can often feel that you’ll lose a lot of blood, but actually the average girl will only lose between 7-10 teaspoons during her entire cycle, which your Modibodi period underwear will be able to absorb.

Its also normal to notice vaginal discharge in your underwear, which can become heavier in the lead up to your period – this is nothing to worry about. If you do feel worried about this discharge, Modibodi garments are wicking underwear and work to keep you dry and fresh. They use three layers of protection that are all stain and odour resistant as well as super absorbent, and the discharge will wash straight out and there will be no trace it was ever there. When you feel more comfortable with your cycle, then you may want to think about introducing a menstrual cup as well, great for swimming. We even have an Active Range, so you're protected for gym class too!   

Being prepared at school Going to school while on your period can seem extremely daunting at first, but there’s a variety of measures you can take to ensure you’re prepared for anything it might throw at you.

Gone are the days where you needed to discreetly carry and store a period pack in your locker or bag – owning a pair of Modibodi’s eliminates the need for that completely! Girls often worry that people will be able to tell that they’re on their period, but this isn’t the case, and Modibodi garments allow you to carry on with your day as usual, as they are special period underwear which act just like normal underwear – with a twist!

One important tip is to know where the school nurse is. If you’re feeling sick or in any pain, the school nurse is always available to help you out. They have a variety of medication, as well as providing a quiet place to sit or lie down until you’re feeling better. They’re trained to deal with these kinds of situations so don’t ever feel embarrassed!  

Talking about it with people you trust

Discussing it with your friends is also really helpful. If some of them already have their periods, they’ll be able to offer some advice. Being able to discuss it with anyone close to you that you can trust is really important as it establishes a vital relationship and someone to turn to for any questions or concerns you may have!  

Knowing When to Expect it

Knowing when to expect your period and having some way of mapping out your menstrual cycle is a really useful way of putting your mind at ease and feeling more confident. It can take a little while for your body to set an established pattern, but don’t worry, this is completely normal. You can calculate your cycle, (as your period typically comes every 25-30 days) and write it down in your diary, or you can download free mobile apps such as period tracker light or period tracker – my calendar which complete the work for you. They will also be able to remind you with alert notifications as to when your period is close to arriving so you’re extra prepared! But even with all the planning, periods can be irregular, so make sure you pop on some Modibodi’s in the week leading up to your expected date so you don’t get caught out. 

Finding out what makes you feel better

Your period can often have some unfortunate downsides such as mood swings, cramps and headaches. While these may seem like the worst thing in the world, they wont last forever and there’s always things you can do to help relieve the pain and lift your mood.

To help with cramps, putting a hot water bottle over your abdomen or drinking some calming tea such as chamomile (which is also anti-inflammatory) is often quite successful in reducing the pain.

Yoga can also relieve cramps by gently stretching out the body, remember to breathe slowly, relax and close your eyes. Exercise has also been known to relieve cramping pain, while we aren’t suggesting you run out and take a boxing class, a brisk walk or something to keep you moving will release some endorphins and boost your mood.

If all else fails, turn to chocolate, it always makes everything better!


So if you’re thinking about your first period and how to best manage it, the information can seem a little overwhelming, but your trusted period underwear Modibodi are here to relieve you of some of the pressure and let you carry on with your life carefree!  

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