Why you should definitely go commando at the gym

Why you should definitely go commando at the gym

When it comes to working out, most of us have a set routine - we head to the gym, do some cardio, lift some weights, have a jog and then hit the showers. But it seems that a whole lot of people have been getting it wrong before they even leave the house to head to their workout…

Did you know that you definitely should not be wearing underwear underneath your gym leggings? Yup. Yoga pants, stretchy leggings and bicycle shorts have always meant to be worn alone, designed to work best while you go commando.

Why? Well, underwear adds an unnecessary layer to your look - making room for more heat, sweat and mustiness to get wedged in and around your body. Things also get much, much worse if you wear knickers made of non-breathable fabric under your leggings.

So what are you meant to do if you’ve never gone commando before and now, even though you know the facts, are concerned about going sans-underwear as you like to use your undies as a backup layer for any bladder leaks or to hold disposable period products like pads?

Well we have a solution for you. We’ve developed a pair of leak-proof leggings that look and feel just like a top quality piece of activewear, but with all the same clever absorbent technology built into them as Modibodi underwear. This means that you can go commando without having to worry about ever leaking through your leggings!

We put the Modibodi active ¾ leggings to the test during our launch party for them, by having an hour long sweat-fest session at Barry’s Bootcamp. While our grey tops were soaked through with sweat and our brows were covered with beads of perspiration, our legs (and crotches) were shockingly dry!

The leggings are breathable, comfortable, flexible and protective - and completely vegan! What more could you want? If you would like to take a closer look at the leggings (and maybe even treat yourself to a pair), click on the picture of them in action below:

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