Empowering Women Series: Natalie Thorogood

Empowering Women Series: Natalie Thorogood

Born in 2014, Soak Society is an Aussie company relaxing the world, one person at a time. Beautifully fragrant bath salt crystals and bombs, made naturally and organically, what more could you want?

Based in the Sunshine Coast, Soak Society is all about natural beauty and wellness. They believe in downtime, relaxing and reconnecting with yourself, we’re totally on board.

Natalie created this brand in her early twenties after living in Sydney, Brisbane, then Canada and finally Perth before moving back to her hometown of the Sunshine Coast.

Studying a Media, Communications and PR degree Natalie started Soak Society in her downtime. We had a chat with CEO Natalie Thorogood for our Empowering Women series to see what makes her tick.

What did you create Soak Society?

Soak Society was created out of not being able to find the product I wanted to buy, a natural bath soak that looked stylish in the bathroom (and didn't contain any synthetic fragrance). From there it has evolved into a brand that encourages women to take me-time to feel refreshed and inspired.

What drives you to get up in the morning?

The thought that any amazing opportunity could come my way for Soak Society!

What’s your favourite quote, favourite book and favourite song right now?

Quote: "If you want to be interesting you have to be interested." Book: I'm reading Jamila Rizvi's 'Not Just Lucky’ Song: Celia Cruz's 'Bamboleo' (I have a weakness for old-fashioned latin music)

What is your favourite SOAK product?

At the moment, it is our new BathDew! It leaves your skin so soft and moisturised instead of drying it out like regular bubble baths, because it is based on aloe vera, and also contains magnesium and larch tree extract which is one of the only plant sources of collagen. Plus, it's sparkly in the bath water!

Your manifesto is all about self-care, how do you practice what you preach?

I have many tools in my self-care kit. To name a few: a long bath while watching Netflix (leaving my phone outside the bathroom), a long walk on the beach with my dog, a face mask a cup of herbal tea.

What would you say to any women out there who are looking to start their own brand?

Just start, and work it out as you go along. It's never going to be completely perfect, so just test different things out until one of your idea sticks!

What does empowerment mean to you?

It means taking charge of your life to create something you're proud of. I think empowerment and confidence in your abilities go hand in hand. And like anything, you can get better by practicing!

What is your favourite Modibodi Product?

I LOVE the Classic Bikini Light Moderate. I used them all day Sunday and they really hold up, unbelievable!!

Ps. Make sure you are following us on insta, we have an exciting giveaway happening soon!

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