Don't sweat it - Modibodi has you covered

Don't sweat it -  Modibodi has you covered

We all know the sign of a great workout is sweat but sometimes too much can have a negative impact, leaving us feeling self-conscious and even scared to exercise in public.

Sweating is our bodies natural way of keeping us cool and preventing overheating, just mother nature looking out for us. Normally our bodies produce over a litre of sweat per day, which we don't even notice, but it makes us wonder how this sweat is affecting our bodies, and whether it always having a positive impact. Especially when we are in situations which caused increased sweating such a good workout or a hot day.

Whether you're running on the treadmill, eating a spicy meal or maybe giving a big presentation at work, sweat is a normal and inescapable part of everyones lives, but that doesn't mean we want to feel sweaty all the time. The benefits of sweat are undeniable, but it also has the ability to leave us with that icky feeling, and theres so many ways it can be brought on!  


Did you know that consistent and prolonged exposure to moisture can put you at greater risk of yeast infections? When sweat in your crotch area doesn't get a chance to breathe, the skin stays wet and traps moisture in which is the perfect breeding ground for yeast.

Disposable pads and liners are not made from  breathable material, this is essential when being active. In fact, these products only act as a barrier between your body and underwear and actually can increase the likelihood of vaginal irritation. Not to mention, these products are only used once and then thrown away, which puts a dent in your wallet and contributes to our already established landfill problem. 

Luckily, Modibodi was designed with the active woman in mind.

One of the top tips for reducing vaginal sweat is to invest in moisture wicking materials, sound familiar? Moisture wicking products such as Modibodi underwear have countless benefits that separate them from regular underwear.


Regular underwear will either absorb sweat into the garment leaving you feeling damp, or it will push the moisture back towards your body, increasing the likelihood of infection.

Modibodi underwear is made with a patented modifier technology which works to wick moisture away from the body and into the protective gusset. Not to mention they’re extremely easy to care for, with a rinse, cold wash and air dry and they’re ready to be worn again!

For those of you who love hot or bikram yoga, ensuring you're wearing breathable fabric is extremely important as these classes are designed to work up a serious sweat with hot air circulating the room. Exercises such as yoga and pilates are great for developing core strength and you can still work up a sweat, these exercises are also great for your mind as they cause your muscles to warm up which helps to relieve stress and fatigue brought on by muscle tension.

Try the Modibodi Active Crop Top during your next hot yoga session. Specifically designed to keep you cool, dry and sweat free, it'll ensure you can move and flow with ease and in style. The Active Crop Top also contains odour eliminating properties which allows you to work hard without fear of sweat marks!

Consider the Modibodi active brief, or Classic Air Bikini - moisture wicking, These garments in our performance range are great for exercise as they are made from comfortable, breathable fabric including Sports Merino which allows you flexible movement without any discomfort. They also protect from sweat, leaks and odour with their moisture wicking absorbent properties and ensure you can tackle any gym session or hot day with confidence and style!

Other top tips for reducing sweat:

  • Shower soon after exercising
  • Use a pH balancing soap in the shower for your vagina, but do not douche!
  • Wear loose clothing on hot days
  • Use Lush Silky Underwear Powder - this powder will absorb moisture while nourishing the skin, you can sprinkle it all over!
  • Limit your exposure to triggers such as alcohol or spicy food, anything that causes your body to break a sweat as it digests
  • Drink more water - this is so important when exercising or experiencing hot climates. Sweating is your bodies natural way of cooling you down, so if you’re prone to excessive sweating, make sure you’re replenishing your body's water levels by drinking up!

    If you’re active, or live somewhere with a particularly warm climate, then look at investing in underwear like Modibodi that is going to protect you and work in the best interests of your body.

    Shop the activewear range here.

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