Does period underwear actually work?

Does period underwear actually work?

So, maybe you’ve heard about period underwear, but you’re thinking – wait, does this actually work? How? The truth is, not all period underwear is created equal. And when we say ours work, we mean it. From our innovative multi-layer lining to our 10 years of scientific research, we’re all about creating better quality products and better performance for you. After all, you deserve it.  

We’re designed to go the distance  

Our absorbent apparel is no one-hit-wonder – it will keep working its magic as you wear and wear and wear for years to come. Yes, years! In fact, it’s expertly constructed with quality fabrics and tested to last over 100 washes, to ensure our absorbency powers keep working time and time again. Make sure you get the most out of your pair by following our care guide for tips on rinsing, washing and drying your Modibodi.  

We’re built on 10 years of research 

Even on the heaviest day of your period, you're probably bleeding a lot less than you think. Our patented, 3-layer lining is designed to absorb up to 50ml of blood or pee without leaking, which should have you covered. This lining is called our Modifier technology – and it’s patented, which means it can’t be copied. We’ve spent a decade perfecting our designs, and we’re not slowing down any time soon. We’re constantly dreaming up new solutions for all of life’s leaks.  

We’re created for all bodies  

Not sure if period underwear is for you? We’ve got you. Our styles are made for, well, everybody. And if you’re not ready to jump in the deep end, you can always wear Modibodi as back up along with your other period products (tampons or cups). However you choose to use your Modibodi, we know you’ll them love. Just like the tens of thousands of real, unique people who rely on our undies everywhere.  

See what our customers have to say about our how our underwear performs:   

“I use them for everyday wear. They deal with discharge and sweat easily. I have swapped completely to only using Modibodi for everyday including periods. I use the heavy flow ones for periods and the light-moderate for every day. Love and recommend. 

– Amany S.  

“I love the fit, the soft fabric and the absorbency. They actually work! In addition, I like that they are both efficient and much better for the planet than using pads. I'll be ordering more very soon.” 

– Gillian P.  

Curious to try for yourself? Go on, you won’t look back. With a wide range of absorbency styles from light to heavy, go find your perfect pair and enjoy a Risk-Free trial for 60 days. Explore the range of Modibodi period underwear today.  

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