Becoming B Corp

Becoming B Corp

At Modibodi we are on a journey to become B Corp certified and are delighted to announce that we are now pending certification as a B Corp business.  

The certification measures our company’s entire social and environmental impact and the rigorous process to achieve this certification highlights our focus on a variety of social or environmental issues. 

"We are excited that this year Modibodi will become a 'Certified B Corp Business’. We are thrilled that our assessment score significantly exceeds the average company score. Creating a positive impact is embedded into the products we make, and as a purpose-led business we place people, the planet and the communities we serve at the centre of our decisions.” says Kristy Chong, Modibodi Founder & CEO. 

To achieve the certification, Modibodi will have to demonstrate a high social and environmental performance, certified B Corporations are leaders in the global movement for an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economy. Unlike other certifications for businesses, B Corp is unique in its ability to measure a company’s entire social and environmental impact. 

“It is great to see so many companies stepping up to become certified B Corps, and at Modibodi we encourage all businesses to start the journey just like us.” says Kristy Chong, Modibodi Founder & CEO. 

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