Top things you might find in your underwear and what it could mean

Top things you might find in your underwear and what it could mean

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Normal vaginal discharge consists of around a teaspoon a day of white/transparent, thick to thin and odorless liquid. This is formed by normal bacteria and fluids in the vagina and can be more noticeable depending on the time of month, to signify ovulation, menstrual flow, sexual activity and birth control.

What your discharge is trying to tell you….  

If it's clear:

This is usually a sign of ovulation, and is your body's way of letting you know that if you’re looking to fall pregnant, that now is the time. If you don't want to fall pregnant, it's also a sign to make sure you are always having protected sex, using up to two contraceptives (such as the pill and a condom)

Bonus - It also comes with a boost in libido as you’re at your most fertile

If it's lumpy and white:

This is a likely sign of a yeast infection, particularly if the discharge has an unusual smell too. Discharge that is a sign of a yeast infection is usually lumpy, white and can cause both internal and external itching.

Fortunately, most yeast infections can be treated with over the counter medication such as cream or antibiotics.

Avoid using heavily scented hygiene products or exercising vigorously (shower soon after if you do). You should consider sleeping with no underwear as this gives the vagina time to breathe.

If you're prone to yeast infections it's best to avoid leggings made from synthetic material, and stick to wool blend materials (such as Modibodi underwear!)  

If it has traces of blood:

Your body might just be getting ready for your period, however if you frequently experience irregular bleeding or spotting, then it could signify something more serious ranging from taking the pill ineffectively which can make your cycle irregular, to polyps or an ectopic pregnancy. As the range of reasons is so wide, it is recommended to seek medical advice.

If it's yellow or greenish:

This can be the sign of a Sexually Transmitted infection such as gonorrhea and requires medical treatment. Chlamydia can also cause discharge like this but usually has no symptoms so it can be hard to tell.

The best advice is to visit your doctor or gynaecologist and have them assess you.

It's always best not to panic, and to evaluate any underwear situation calmly. Ask yourself if this seems out of the ordinary, see if it continues for a few days, check if there is any itching or strange smells and consider if any medication you may be taking might be causing the change.

If you have any prolonged pain, itching, discomfort, or red/soreness then consult your healthcare professional.

If its heavier than usual:

Did you know your birth control could actually be the culprit of heavy discharge? As long as it is clear and has no bad odour, then there shouldn't be cause for concern. Occasionally, heavy discharge can be a result of an allergic reaction or sensitivity to chemicals (particularly the ones in your underwear!) That is why Modibodi is made with a breathable blend of merino fibres and bamboo, along with our Patented Modifier Technology to ensure that you are always comfortable and protected.

If its lighter than usual:

Really dry changes in your discharge could be an early sign of perimenopause. The discharge may also become thin, watery and occasionally uncomfortable.

In all cases, you should consult your GP if you think something is not right.  

Why Modibodi is your Vaginas best friend:

Our vaginas are always busy, whether they’re releasing our menstrual flow or just going about their daily business, we will always find discharge in our underwear at the end of the day, its normal!

Modibodi is made from breathable, natural bamboo fabric, a combination of merino wool fibres and our patented Modifier Technology.

All of these elements work together to ensure you are dry, protected, comfortable and worry free 24/7 and they’re the perfect confidence booster.

Whether you’re worried about particularly heavy discharge, or self conscious about vaginal odour, there is nothing that Modibodi can’t protect you from. Modibodi garments are stain and odour resistant and moisture wicking.

And the best part is, you can care for them just like normal underwear, with a cold gentle machine wash and air drying.

Read more about how to best care for your Modibodis here

Modibodi is not and does not claim to be medical professionals, if you have any concerns, please consult your GP. 

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