6 Ways to Avoid VPL

6 Ways to Avoid VPL

LOL. VIP. BFF. These are some acronyms that make us happy. VPL – shorthand for visible panty line – not so much... The scourge of all pencil skirt-wearing women, visible panty line is a right royal pain in the bum. Butt (see what we did there), with a little common sense and the right choice of undies, VPL can become a distant memory. (Like that time we spelt but with a double-t.)

Without further ado, here are 6 easy ways to avoid the dreaded visible panty line.

1. Upsize your undies

Sorry, ladies but it’s time to get real. You’re not going to convince anyone you’re still a perfect 10 if your size-too-small knickers are cutting into your curves. Aside from being all kinds of uncomfortable, wearing underwear that’s too small will just create unsightly bulges and a weird double-butt-cheek effect. You have been warned.

2. Try a boyleg

If you’re just not a skimpy bikini or g-string kind of gal, Modibodi’s Classic Boyleg might be your VPL MVP. One of the comfiest styles around, a boyleg brief covers your entire bottom (fancy that), and extends a little further down the thigh so it helps keep overhanging flesh at bay. Made from odour-fighting organic bamboo, Modibodi’s Classic style gives you plenty of booty coverage, and keeps you fresh and dry on your light-to-moderate period days.

3. Go commando

Girl, you crazy.

4. Go seamfree

That’s much better! Seamless undies are a much more hygienic option than going pants-less, and a much wiser choice when you’re catching public transport on a windy day. Aside from that, they’re hands down the best way to prevent VPL from rearing its ugly head!

Thankfully, Modibodi has you covered with two styles of new and improved seamfree period-proof undies. For maximum butt and lower-belly coverage, there’s the Seamfree Full Brief – perfect for when you’re in need of maximum protection from periods, discharge and sneaky wee leaks.

Also with moderate-to-heavy absorbency, there’s the sassy Seamfree Bikini. Both are ultra-light and oh so smooth, with more minimal seams than ever before. So long, VPL!

5. Colour coordinate

We couldn’t care less if you wear black shoes with a brown belt but, for the love of ponies, please don’t wear black undies under white pants! Think through your under and outerwear BEFORE you head out the door and if in doubt, swap it out with something nude-toned. 

6. Wear a g-string

There’s no denying it – a good ol’ g-string often comes in handy. While not 100% VPL-free if you’re wearing something super-slinky on top, Modibodi’s super light absorbency Classic Thong minimises most cases of VPL. Eliminating bulges and keeping things below on the down low.

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