5 Top Reasons To Make The Switch To Modibodi Period Underwear

5 Top Reasons To Make The Switch To Modibodi Period Underwear

Nov 03, 2017Alice Cheng

Whether you view periods as a blessing or a curse, they’re here to stay. It comes with being a woman and means that every month you either hunker down or get liberated. You shouldn’t have to worry about whether or not you have enough tampons or pads to last your cycle, or if you need to change them.

That is what Modibodi is all about, we're here to support you every day of the month and protect you from sweat, odour, discharge, light bladder leaks and periods. We are here to give you back your mojo and make you look forward to your periods. That’s right, we said it. You’ll enjoy your next period when it comes to using your Modibodi’s.

So why Modibodi over the other sanitary options out there? Get ready. We have an entire list.

1) Unleash your inner eco-warrior

Considering we’re in the age of global warming and a pad can take up to 500 years to decompose, we’ve all got to do our bit. We’ve only got one world, and it’s our duty to keep it safe and habitable for future generations to enjoy.

Average women use between 11 to 30 tampons per cycle, which means that between 5,000 and 14,000 tampons will be used in the lifetime of a woman. This is around 140 kg worth of waste produced by a woman, and this doesn’t include the environmental impact of producing, shipping and packaging these products.

The same can be said for light bladder leaks. Having to use pads and panty liners means adding to more landfill.

Pair this environmental responsibility with the desire to protect women from life’s unmentionables Modibodi was born.

Designed to last for around 2-3 years if cared for properly, you’re saving money by not buying tampons or pads every time Aunt Flow decides to visit. You’ll also save yourself from vaginal dryness caused by tampons and any bleach or chemicals put in those products. It’s time to go with the free flow.  Free bleeding allows your vaginal bacteria and natural secretions to flourish. You’ll never dry your vagina out with our bamboo underwear.

We love our Modibodi undies because it means no more waste and no more leaks! Sometimes tampons, liners and pads overflow so if you’re using Modibodi as back up to something environmentally friendly like a Menstrual Cup, you’ll have peace of mind.

2) Confidence when you need it most

The idea for Modibodi came to our CEO, Kristy Chong after her second child when she was running and realised she didn’t want to have to wear a pad whilst exercising for the rest of her life. Kristy wanted discreet protection, whilst knowing she was secure. Cue the idea for Modibodi!

Modibodi is still there to protect you when you’ve forgotten your panty liners. We’re sure we’ve all run out the door forgetting something very vital when our friends are slightly too funny and you realise don’t have any protection from LBL. That forgotten toiletries bag has surely starred in many nightmares featuring embarrassing flashbacks.

Undies are something you definitely put on in the morning and with us, you’ll never be caught out on the fly. Designed to protect you from life’s little mishaps, snort-laughing, and trampoline bouncing, you’ll never have to worry about hygiene again. We believe that periods are precious, that sweat is therapy, and that feeling 100% protected during both is the stuff of dreams.

But more than anything, we love giving women the confidence to take on the day. We’re strong believers in the old adage, ‘confidence is key’ and that is what Modibodi does.

3) They’re oh so comfortable

Our undies are also incredibly comfortable! Made from a lovely bamboo blend that is buttery soft, you know you are wrapping your tush in the best fabric possible. On the topic of bamboo, it’s naturally anti-microbial and eliminates odour so you never have to worry about the smell.

Ever had that awful experience of removing a tampon towards the end of your cycle? That’s because tampons create dryness, you never have this experience with us. Never deal with unwrapping a pad or tampon again and take comfort knowing that Modibodi has your back. 

4) We go with the (free) flow

With three absorbencies to choose from, we have you covered for every day of your period. Whether it’s super light, light-moderate or heavy, our absorbances will help you get through your cycle. Our undies look and feel just like your regular underwear. Modibodi’s leakproof protection undergarments feature a three-layer gusset, which all work to keep you fresh, dry and protected from morning to night. The first protective layer works to absorb and wick moisture quickly and fights off any odour. The second layer locks away the moisture and fluid to ensure you always feel dry, and the third layer acts as a waterproof barrier to ensure no leakages occur. Our garments are also naturally antimicrobial and stain resistant which provides ultimate peace of mind. Women spend hundreds of dollars annually on disposable feminine hygiene products while still worrying about leaks. The benefits of using Modibodi underwear are undeniable; they provide incomparable comfort and protection for every wearer.

5) What our fans think!

We can keep speaking how amazing our product is and the confidence and support our innovative period and light bladder leak-proof underwear will give you all day, every day, however, we have some of our customers sharing their love for Modibodi.

Dear Modibodi,

I’m a little angry. I’m 26 years old. That’s a lot of periods. Why weren’t you around when I was 12? I’m sure you know this but female sanitary products have a GST tax placed on them and condoms don’t?!? That is the first reason I was looking for an alternative to the nasty products which I have been using regardless of the slight allergic reaction I had to them, making that time of the month all the much worse. Since the age of 12, I have had to skip days of school (and since, work) because it was just that heavy, I was continuously worried about leakage and I couldn’t think through that and the pain. This month, I thought I would try Modibodi and my goodness IM IN LOVE. The bamboo undies are so so so soft and pretty too! I was thinking about posting a photo of my undies previously reserved only for those particularly heavy days, but I was too embarrassed. While your pretty undies can’t take away the pain they definitely make my bloated belly feel a lot sexier! I slept in them for the first time last night and I didn’t have to worry about the undies being messed up in my sleep as I would a pad, there was absolutely no leakage and I woke up feeling like I didn’t have my period at all. In the past, the first thing I would do would be to go straight to the toilet and change my product but I didn’t feel gross one bit in Modibodi. I just really wanted to say thank you so much for creating these beautiful, useful, delightful undies. I really feel like they might change my period forever. Thank you! - Helen. G.

My name is Kimberley Smith, I am a personal trainer and yoga teacher and the founder of the Fit Mummy Project App. Since having my first born four years ago, I have struggled with incontinence. Sometimes it is inconvenient. Sometimes it is purely humiliating and crushing. Not being in control of your bladder at age 35 isn’t something I imagined for myself. There were times when I couldn’t pick up my daughter because I knew that if I did, that extra weight would cause me to wet my pants. I have run around shopping centres holding on between my legs like a little girl busting to go to the toilet.

As a personal trainer, I always felt like I should be in control of my incontinence. And so I continued to work on my pelvic floor exercises, reduced any high impact exercise and spent a small fortune on seeking advice and support to help me to reduce my incontinence. However, despite all of this, there are times where I have needed that extra support. I only recently discovered ModiBodi and I can’t believe the difference the ModiBodi Underwear has made to my level of confidence. I originally ordered two pairs. After owning them for a week, I went straight back online and ordered 3 more. They are comfortable, convenient and confidence boosting. That ticks all the boxes for me - Kimberley Smith / The Fit Mummy Project App

Okay, you guys I am legit OBSESSED with these Modibodi undies. You just put them on when you have your period and… that’s it. IT MAGICALLY DEALS WITH YOUR PERIOD AND YOU DON’T HAVE TO WEAR A TAMPON OR A PAD OR ANYTHING WHAT IS THIS WITCHCRAFT? I dunno how it works – all I know is these undies are all I’m wearing when I have my period now. Totally life-changing. This isn’t even sponsored, I just love them so much and can’t believe they actually work. PERIOD MAGIC. -Comedian and Author, Rosie Waterland

Whether it’s bouncing on a trampoline, running a marathon or running a business, we’ve got your back.



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