Modibodi | Teen Period Underwear & Teen Period Starter Packs are here!

Modibodi | Teen Period Underwear & Teen Period Starter Packs are here!

May 30, 2017Alice Cheng

Ah, the arrival of first periods. The inevitable moment in a girls life which can bring shock, confusion, panic, embarrassment and a whole lot of questions. At Modibodi, we are always looking for new ways to improve the lives of women and girls of all ages.

We've covered (and got you covered for) periods, bladder leaks, discharge and sweat! The release of our girls sizes has demonstrated their popularity and we hear so much positive feedback from mums who are so glad to give their daughters their very first pair of Modibodi and wished something like this was around when they first started navigating the world of menstruation. 

There's currently a global epidemic of girls missing school and physical activites due to their periods, not feeling as though they can talk to anyone because they're too embarrassed and not being equipped with the right tools and information to feel empowered instead of scared. Well, we're here to change all that.

You've just discovered the comfiest, coolest and most stylish Teen Period Underwear and First Period Underwear Packs you'll find. Your daughter will never have to worry about leaks or spotting again with Modibodi leak-proof period underwear and period-proof swimwear. That's right never miss school or sports or swimming again!

We believe girls should never have to worry about the arrival of their periods or about spotting or leaking throughout the day and we always receive emails from anxious mums who want some advice on the best product for their daughters first period. Whether shes just started her journey or is expecting the arrival soon, no mum wants their daughter to feel anxious or embarrassed about their period as its completely normal and happens to every woman. We also know that periods can arrive any time or day of the week which is why our wide range of styles and packs are so perfect! They contain the perfect amount of pairs to have you covered and protected and of course, the most comfortable you could ever feel while on your period.

We're here to clear the air on the topic of first periods and to answer the top 3 questions we receive from mums.

The most commonly asked questions are

  1. Which absorbency is best?
  2. Which style is best?
  3. How often does she need to change them (at school etc)
So without further ado, let's get down to it so you can purchase the perfect Modibodi Underwear Style for your daughter!
Firstly, the absorbency level needed will depend on how heavy and how frequent her flow is. If she hasn't had her first period or is quite petite then the flow usually isn't too heavy and a light-moderate absorbency is usually a great introduction as its super lightweight and not bulky - the perfect way to introduce her to the wonderful world of period underwear!

If she's already started her period and it's starting to develop a little heavier, or you'd just like that extra peace of mind, then perhaps consider a moderate-heavy absorbency which has a longer gusset and more absorbency could be the solution. For overnight wear and protection all night long, then definitely consider our best selling sells out like hot pancakes heavy absorbency, the absorbency gusset extends all the way to the back of the garment for ultimate protection and also means it won't move around with your body in the night, running the risk of leaks! There's nothing worse than waking up in the morning to find all your tossing and turning has caused a pad to come unstuck and you've leaked onto your sheets or cute pajamas. Not to mention, with your daughters' entry into womanhood she won't want to feel as though she's taking a step backward and having to wear bulky, annoying pads that feel like nappies. She is now a young woman and she deserves the best in style and comfort. The heavy absorbency promises you can wear your favorite PJ's with confidence AND you can sleep in total comfort. The slumber of a protected girl in her is an unbeatable feeling that you cant find anywhere else. 

As for styles, we offer our girl styles in a classic bikini, classic boyleg, seamfree bikini and for older girls active brief which are available in various colours. These are perfect for young girls, tweens and teens as they are stylish, look just like normal underwear and feel amazingly comfortable. Moving around at school between classes and the playground in uncomfortable underwear is not ideal, especially when she's already worried about her period and potential spotting on the back of her clothes. Modibodi underwear promises your daughter will never have to ask a friend to check the back of her skirt and wont have to run between classes to check if she's leaked ever again. We really hope this will put an end to girls not wanting to attend school when menstruating for fear of an 'accident'. Leaks are totally normal but they don't have to be visible and Modibodi underwear ensures this will never happen.

Modibodi underwear's magical powers of stain and odour resistance are only some of the endless benefits that make our period, pee proof and leak proof underwear unique. The absorbent middle layer also works to wick moisture and liquid away from the skin leaving you feeling fresh and dry which means never having to worry about changing. Her morning routine can remain exactly the same, wearing them throughout the school day just as you would with normal underwear! Find out how Modibodi's exclusive Modifier Technology works here.

The Modibodi girls/teen range starts from size 4 in many styles and is so sought after, there can be a waitlist from girls worldwide!

Founder, Kristy Chong is so excited about the launch of this new range and is committed to changing the conversation around menstruation and helping young girls feel knowledgeable and empowered when they start this new journey! “We are on a mission to turn the conversation around periods into a positive not shameful one, so that young girls stop feeling embarrassed or ashamed about their periods. We work closely with Menstrual Educators across Australia, New Zealand and the United States of America who are equally committed to educating young women in a positive way about menstruation and the options available to them.”

Discover our exclusive range of sustainable, easy to use period and leakproof underwear here.

The Modibodi Girls packs are exclusively available at

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