15,000 – the number of disposable liners/tampons used by 1 woman during her menstrual years

15,000 – the number of disposable liners/tampons used by 1 woman during her menstrual years

This number of disposable liners/tampons is approximately equal to 120-150kg of landfill per woman. So visualise yourself now throwing away around 50 rubbish bags of liners/tampons. How does that feel?

Disposables also use high tech chemicals such as super-absorbent acrylic polymers (SAPs), surfactant-laced gels and leak-proof plastic backings – are damaging to our environment, and yet are thrown into landfill after only 3 to 4 hours use.  

Well if you are like me, you feel a little bit guilty right? Ok, the intent of this blog is not to give you total eco-guilt, but it was because of this wastefulness and dissatisfaction with both failing underwear and disposables that I came up with a line of underwear that is revolutionising how we protect ourselves. Modibodi™ uses our unique moisture and odour control technology called Modifier Technology™, which is absorbent, works to quickly dry and evaporate the moisture, eliminates odour, and are stain resistant.

The underpants fit, feel and look like regular underpants, they can be thrown in with your regular wash cycle and they will last as long as regular underpants.

Modibodi™ really are a much more comfortable and environmentally friendly option for women and can be used for protection against periods, sweat and leaks or for everyday freshness.

The question I put to you is why wouldn’t you buy some? With Modibodi™ I have created a simple way for you as an individual to help protect our environment in a significant way. And you will still look great and feel comfortable.

If the initial outlay of $100 for 4 underpants seems like a lot more than $5 for a pack of 16 liners, just remember that the 16 liners only lasts 1 to 3 periods, but our underpants will last on average 50 to 100 periods. Even better news is you never have to do that 9pm dash to the corner store because you ran out of disposables.

Still not convinced, well in 1991 the Landbank Consultancy report reviewed the environmental impact of disposable diapers and concluded that compared to cloth diapers, throwaway diapers used 20 times more raw materials, three times more energy and twice as much water; overall they generated 60 times more waste. Why am I sharing this, because women's isposable hygiene are made from substantially equivalent materials and ingredients as disposable diapers.

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