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Is Your Period Green?

We all know periods are red.   

For a long time we never even saw blood in ads -  just that mysterious blue liquid. 

In step with the recent push to normalise periods, Modibodi’s recent advert showed period blood - and upset Facebook doing it. They temporarily banned the Modibodi ad because of the blood scenes.  

Now Modibodi is back, with a new colour. Green.   

MY PERIOD IS GREEN is challenging you to make sustainable choices and showing you it can be as easy as changing your underwear. Unlike disposable products, Modibodi is reusable, more comfortable and better for you body and for the planet! 

Did you know?

Disposables can take 500-800 years to breakdown in landfill, longer when they end up in the ocean. 

The average person uses up to 11,000 disposable hygiene products during their menstruating life.

Here are some of our customers living their best green life!


Is your period green? Share the hashtag #myperiodisgreen to let your followers know!




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