RED period underwear is now GST FREE!

RED period underwear is now GST FREE!

Earlier in the year there was a wonderful rally to make period products GST free, with many media companies, individuals and policy makers pushing to remove the #TamponTax that classified period products as a luxury good – and therefore charged women more for products that they would definitely deem essential.

The dramatic increase in conversation about this ridiculous luxury tax pushed the Federal government agreed to drop the tax, removing GST on period products. This was a massive win for Australian women, but there was something missing…

The government seemed to forget about the most sustainable period product on the market, leaving period underwear (like RED) still carrying the load of GST.

However, to ring in the new year, the Federal government announced that GST would finally be removed for period underwear! HOORAY!

While this is excellent news for the whole of the country, it’s especially great news for RED customers as it means our underwear is a whole lot cheaper now that the luxury tax has been axed! 10% cheaper, to be exact.

So what are you waiting for? Celebrate this incredible news now by shopping RED by Modibodi GST FREE!


Unfortunately, this tax removal only focuses on menstrual products, meaning our Wet/Dry Bag, and swimwear still has added GST.

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