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  • Managing your first period: an autistic child’s experience

    Jodie Fisher is Mum to three daughters, including Freya, who has an autism diagnosis. Here she shares her journey with first periods and Modibodi. Freya’s autism diagnosis means she sometimes experiences sensory issues challenges with clothing, so I was unsure how she’d cope with period products.  
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  • How to get blood stains out of your mattress

    Let’s face it. We’ve all been there (before discovering Modibodi of course) – period blood stains on the mattress. But besides changing the sheets at lightning speed, how can you actually get rid of it?  
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  • The sustainable gifts that keep giving

    From plants to planning an unforgettable experience we’ve got plenty of sustainable gift ideas for the holiday season. Discover our sustainable Christmas gift guide for presents your friends and family are sure to love. 
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  • Have you noticed 'bleach' stains in your regular undies?

    Have you noticed 'bleach' stains in your regular undies? Those pesky white marks that won't go away no matter how many times you wash them!? Don't worry, you're not alone!

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  • Periods and autism

    Periods as a whole have always been something of great challenge to me, and to many other autistic folk; autism often meaning that periods are immensely more intense. Sensory issues increase, pain is magnified....
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  • I tried period swimwear......

    How does period swimwear work? How absorbent are they? Do you have to wear anything with them like a tampon? Will people be able to tell I’m wearing period swimwear? Find out with Demi!
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  • 4 ways to check in on your mental health

    Since it’s Mental Health Awareness Month, and we believe deeply in creating safe spaces for girls to flourish and ‘just be themselves’, we’re sharing some practical tips from Flourish Girl CEO & Founder, Mandy Dante, on how to ‘check in with yourself’
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  • International Day Of The Girl

    Today is International Day of the Girl, and the theme is 'Digital generation. Our generation' so in the spirit of shining a spotlight on young tech trailblazers, we chatted to the talented Michelle Akhidenor. Michelle is the CEO and Founder of podcast agency The Peers Project and producer of our very own podcast The Red Tales – here we pick her brain about her experiences in the digital sector.  

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  • Ruby's Mission To End Period Poverty

    Ruby is not your average 15-year-old girl from the UK, she is on a mission to end period poverty! After realising there was a lack of teaching materials about period poverty, she decided to make her own. 

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  • Period Poos

    While it’s perfectly normal, having a period can be pretty crappy – literally. So today we’re exploring the ‘period poo’ phenomenon to find out why you poop more on your period, why it smells worse, why you get diarrhoea and whether there’s anything you can do about it. Rest assured, while your friends mightn’t be chatting about it between classes, it’s happening to them too.  

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