Stop the Silence | We’re putting sweaty balls in the spotlight

Stop the Silence | We’re putting sweaty balls in the spotlight

After commissioning an in-depth report on men's issues with sweat and chafing in 2020 - and sharing it - we were disappointed to find nobody wanted to write about it. 
It seems that while we're making progress starting conversations about women's health, including periods and incontinence, the men's story is still not being told. So, let's be bold, let's break taboos and let's talk about real bodies with real leaks.  
Because if no-one else is going to give you the ball's out truth...Modibodi will.  

What we discovered in developing our mens’ range was that blokes don’t talk about their underwear much, and they talk even less about how they manage sweat, chafing or a leaky bladder.  

So, we asked them. 

We surveyed 1000 Aussie men, and we found men are giving up their hobbies, missing out on work or social engagements, losing lovers and practicing some fairly suspect hygiene habits – just because they don’t have the right underwear to leak-proof their lives.  

We want to start a conversation with men and ask them to stop suffering in silence – and regain their confidence by trying hi-tech underwear designed for the busy lives of 21st century men.  

Today’s topic: sweaty balls 

Whilst often talked about in relation to a man’s strength, virility or libido, testicles are actually pretty delicate, vulnerable to temperature changes, sensitive to knocks (ouch) and prone to getting sweaty (and stinky), and a damp undercarriage isn’t just a romantic turn off, it’s a common cause of infections down below.  

“Everyone sweats. Some people run hot, some run cold. Some people have just got more sweat glands. Some have less. It’s just the way their physiology is.” – Dr Sam Hay 

Forty-seven per cent of the men we talked to say they ‘don’t really think about how sweat ‘down there’ makes them feel, and yet when we dig a little deeper, it becomes clear that sweaty balls can have a significant impact on a man’s confidence, intimate relationships, fitness and general wellbeing.  

Confidence below the belt  

While working up a sweat can bring about a sense of achievement in the gym or on the sports field, showcasing a damp patch down under isn’t a look most men are going for.  

We found 5.3 per cent of men were physically embarrassed by ball sweat (10.3% in the 18-25-year age group), with 41.3 per cent finding it uncomfortable.  

And while good hygiene is the first step to avoiding discomfort, itching or infections caused by sweat, Dr Hay said needing extra support to combat sweat down below is nothing to be embarrassed about.  

“When sweat starts to impact your life on a daily basis; when it becomes uncomfortable, or when it simply starts to worry you, seek help. There is nothing you can say to me as a doctor that I haven’t heard before,” says Dr Sam. 

Single men are also more likely to be mortified by a case of soggy jocks than those dating (6.4 per cent per cent versus 4.4 per cent), de facto (3.4 per cent) or married (5.8 per cent).  

According to our research, 34 per cent of men say they’ve felt self-conscious on occasion due to sweat or chafing, with more than half (52.2 per cent) saying it’s a more frequent or even daily concern.   

For nearly one in five men (18.2 per cent), sweaty balls erode their confidence on a regular basis., while 7.8 per cent say it’s stopped them doing things they enjoy, such as playing golf or hiking. Men over the age of 56 were the most likely to avoid certain activities because of their discomfort.  

“Our research shows that men around Australia are giving up their hobbies, missing out on work and social engagements, losing lovers and practising some fairy suspect hygiene habits – just because they don’t have the right undies,” says Modibodi founder and CEO, Kristy Chong. 

When it comes to sweat, sweaty armpit patches were the most frustrating (63.7 per cent), with sweaty hands and balls coming in on almost equal footing at 13.5 and 10.4 per cent respectively.  

 For 3.4 per cent of men, sweaty balls are a work hazard, typically from those in the manual labour sector, although some lawyers, managers and sales professionals said nerves contributed to sweat down below.  


Romance on the rocks  

When it comes to romance, sweaty balls can be a real turn off. While 30.6 per cent believe their partner wouldn’t care about a saturated sack, most know better. Nearly a third of respondents (30.8 per cent) believe their partner would be too polite to say anything, while 31.5 per cent say their partner would tell them to take a shower or just say no to any intimacy.  

For those dating, rather than in a committed relationship, 10.3 per cent believe their date would instantly ‘friendzone’ them due to sweaty underwear. Those aged under 45 years old were the most likely to feel that sex would be off the table if their partner said sweaty balls were a deal breaker. 

Not surprisingly, 86.9 per cent of men agree regular showers are the best bet to combat sweat, while 20.7 per cent believe ‘manscaping’ will help them stay fresh and odour-free.  

Changing the ball game with Modibodi  

It seems when it comes to managing ball sweat, most men still don’t realise that the easiest solution is wearing the right underwear.  

While at least half of Australian men said they knew they should be buying more ‘breathable’ underwear, actually doing so wasn’t high on the agenda for most men, with just 6.6 per cent saying they own any kind of moisture wicking underwear.  

Those aged between 26 -30 are the most likely to have tried these tech savvy undies (13.2 per cent), while men aged 61-65 are the least likely (1.3 per cent). 

Modibodi’s underwear range for men was developed using patented, scientifically proven technology which is found in the in-built lining of the underwear. Absorbent, leak-proof, moisture wicking, breathable, antimicrobial and anti-odour (that’s a lot!), Modibodi for men is also super comfortable and looks just like regular underwear.    

Why not check it out? 

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