Body language shapes who you are

Body language shapes who you are

In 2012, Psychologist Amy Cuddy gave a TED Talk that would change the lives of the many people who watched it.

Cuddy is a researcher at Harvard University and is studying the links between power posing and increased hormone levels.

Body language is something that unfolds unconsciously but the effect it can have on the perception with have of ourselves and others can differ greatly.

There are two strands of poses, high power poses, and low power poses, that can greatly affect mood and confidence.

We’ve all heard about Donald Trump’s commanding handshake, or Beyonce’s ‘Domintor Handshake’ and the subliminal messages they send others. But what about your own body language?

Non-verbal communication aka body language can affect everything we do. Whether or not we get a promotion, who we ask out on a date, or whether that smiley you used in a text is beneficial, is all decided through the power of perception.

In the animal kingdom, power and dominance are shown through expanding, animals make themselves big to appear intimidating and powerful. You spread out and make yourself take up as much space as you can to make others uncomfortable (see Buzzfeed’s video on women trying manspreading for a week).

Women are often the less domineering of the sexes and thus can often be less confident.  But we’ve got good news. Cuddy suggests that you can fake it til you make it.

Fake smiling actually leads us to feel happy.

People who see themselves as powerful are more optimistic, see themselves are more likely to win or get a promotion and take more risks.

Testosterone and Cortisol are the commanding hormones when it comes to confidence and stress. Alpha primates and successful world leaders all have high testosterone and low cortisol. Cuddy’s study showed that through posing like the top images in the photograph, you can increase testosterone and decrease cortisol levels.

86% of participants are willing to gamble after power posing. Whilst only 60% were willing to gamble in their low power pose condition. There’s a 20% increase in testosterone for high power posers and10% baseline decrease for low power posers. High power people experience 25% decrease in cortisol, and low power posers experience a 15% increase.

If you want to have confidence and exude power, it’s time to start power posing in the morning with your breakfast. Our bodies can change our minds and alter our perceptions of ourselves.

Just two minutes a day can change your brain to be assertive, confident and comfortable.

We’re all about confidence and empowerment at Modibodi, so we want to know how you go with these tips.

Let us know in the comments how power posing has changed your life for the better.

Body language can make confidence, and we can give you confidence too. Our bundle packs have got your bum covered, every day of the week!

Watch the Amy Cuddy’s TED Talk here.

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