Working From Home Tips - From The Modibodi Team

Working From Home Tips - From The Modibodi Team

Are you currently in a position to work from home? We understand not every job has the privilege to let you do so. Modibodi HQ, being based mostly online, is lucky to be able to support our staff by working from home during these uncertain times. 

While the sleep in, more time with your dog or cat and lack of commute time is great, we want to make sure we don’t get too comfortable and slip into unhealthy patternssuch as poor posture, over working, not switching off, distractions, and blurring lines between home and work. 

Here are a few tips from the Modibodi team to help you make the most of your working from home environment.  


Tips to help your posture; nothing worse than getting constant headaches from looking down at your screen or having tight and hunched shoulders. 


Go for a walk before you log on. 

-Sophie, Social Media 


Be mindful of sitting all day- maybe set an alarm for every hour to stretch and take a walk around the room. 

Dee, Production & Logistics Manager 


Remember to take breaks, stretch your legs and rest your eyes from screen time, even if it's just to make a tea.  

- Sara, Brand Manager 


As hard as it is, don't work from bed! Your back and neck will thank you later. 

- Ali, Marketing Assistant 


Set an alarm for a team stretch – we do this at 3pm everyday 

-Sophie, Social Media


Tips for keeping social and communicating with your team; this is important to do more now that everyone is separated and might be feeling isolated. Reach out and make sure everyone is coping with their workload. 


Utilise video chat as much as you can - it's nice to see everyone's faces!

-Sophie, Social Media


'Meeting' for a fifteen minute virtual coffee before work officially starts in the morning for a catch-up 

- Nicole, eCommerce & Digital Lead 


Have walking phone call meetings around your block. 

- Sara, Brand Manager 


Friday drinks on video chat, sign off in a good mood  

-Nicole, eCommerce & Digital Lead 


Tips for getting in the right head space; this is important to keep a clear and productive mind, so that you can use your time wisely. 


Make your desk space nice and set it up to work each morning - don't start checking emails until you've done this, so make sure you have everything you need ready to go; charger, books, post it notes, water, coffee, etc - candles, plants, decorations 

-Anita, Office Assistant 

Have a dedicated workspace, this allows you to separate personal and business, very important to maintain separation when working from home.   

-Liana, Marketing & CX Director 


Get changed into (still casual) but decent clothes. Staying in pyjamas all day makes me feel sluggish and less on top of things! 

-Anita, Office Assistant 


Stop yourself from checking emails and your phone as soon as you wake up 

- Shadi, PR, Partnerships & Project Manager 


Allocate time for lunch, step away from the computer and go outside 

Kerry, Production & Innovation Lead 


Have your set up fully ready before you start, with water and (plenty of) snacks 

-Taia, Customer Service 


 Have a clean workspace - helps create a productive mind. 

- Ali, Marketing Assistant 


Schedule an actual break! Make sure you don't blur the lines between work and home life  

-Susie, Customer Service Manager 



Hope these tips help you make the most of working from home! Do you have any tips? Comment below! 





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