What's Modibodi working on?

What's Modibodi working on?

We are working on something great. In the next few months, Modibodi will be making the switch over to sustainable packaging in an attempt to reduce our imprint on the world. Over the past few months many of our customers have been contacting us about concerns of our postage and product packaging, so we thought we would give you an update and insight on what we have been working on behind the scenes.

It’s no secret Australia has a single use plastic problem and it's really affecting the environment. Consider this: recent Greenpeace analysis found that Australians alone use over 9.7 billion single-use plastic bags annually. Researched published in the peer reviewed journal Science Advances said that if our plastic production continues on this level we will have 12 million kilograms, of plastic waste in landfills by 2050. That’s equivalent to 1.8 billion African elephants. An alarming amount of plastic comes from supermarkets which estimates the figure around 75%. The remaining 25% of lightweight plastics comes from retailers (including online).

So what can you do to prevent waste?

The Terracycle program offers free recycling funded by brands, manufacturers, and retailers nationwide to assist you in keeping a green thumb.

They specialise in hard-to-recycle waste such as cigarette buds, industrial waste, and postal packages. TerraCycle has partnered up with Auspost to make recycling postage waste a whole lot easier for you!

How does it work?

Simply sign up here, keep all your Auspost prepaid parcels and send or drop off to a TerraCycle recycling point. Once collected, the mailing satchels are cleaned and melted into hard plastic that can be remoulded to make new recycled products.

One of our core pillars here at Modibodi is protecting our environment and helping you guys be the best eco-warriors you can be. This is why we have spent the past few months looking for alternative options on our packaging to reduce waste. So sit tight, our eco-packaging is on its way.

The challenge we had was that there was no existing form of packaging available on the market, so what did we do? We had to create our own, from scratch! This process is not a quick one, it means designing, prototyping and testing different combinations to find the best protective packaging that will ensure your Modibodi's arrive safely and in mint condition to your door!

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