The Taboo of Periods

The Taboo of Periods

We all know that moment when our fresh youthful faces realised that life as we knew it, was OVER.

Or at least that’s what we thought, navigating the trials and tribulations of the world of periods is certainly difficult to manage, especially at such a young age.

With the guidance of your mum, sisters, friends or a very brave Dad, we all go through it and found our groove, tampons, pads, menstrual cups. If only we had Modibodi, no waste, and super easy to use.   

Inspired by Ariel’s honest tweet, we thought we’d delve into the taboo that is Periods. Whether you were excited when you first got your period, or if you dreaded it. Whether it took you ages to figure how tampons even worked or you got it straight away, every woman will have a story surrounding their period and we want to celebrate them!

In the Western World, periods have become less of a taboo but in other countries and religions, some women can still face ostracisation for menstruating. Luckily in Australia, we learn all about Period in our Physical Education classes so we can be prepared. However, the Australian Government considers Tampons and Sanitary pads to be luxury items and they have been taxed since 2000.

Periods have also evolved over time too, women in western cultures experience about 450 periods over their lifetime,  however, prehistoric women only menstruated about 50 times over the course of their lifetime and modern women in agrarian areas only menstruate about 150 times in total.

Seems we got the short straw, huh? At least we have access to running water and good health care.

In other countries, women do not have an experience as simple as ours. In Hindu mythology, the women assumed one-third of the guilt of the God Indra and that is why they were ‘cursed' with periods. As the God of war, Indra killed a Brahman and as a result cracks appeared on Earth, waves appear in the Ocean, milk oozed out of trees and women received their periods.

Women in India today, still feel this taboo as many women are banished to mud-walled huts and one young woman sadly took her own life as the result of ridicule from her own teacher after her period stained her skirt.

In the Jewish faith, Niddah refers to the period of menstrual laws and customs surrounding periods. In fact, the Torah labels women as impure when they are on their period and women are unable to have sex with their husbands during this time or in some Orthodox traditions enter a synagogue.

Periods can dramatically alter the lives of women all over the world, and in their chosen faiths. There’s nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to your period. It truly is trial and error and finding out what works best for you.

We've all had a surprise period and we want to eliminate that stress. You can wear our undies every day of the week and know that you are protected and safe, even when you exercise.

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