Limited Edition Modibodi x Bellabox – For The Fearless Modern Woman

Limited Edition Modibodi x Bellabox – For The Fearless Modern Woman

Take the pain out of THAT time of the month with the very special Modibodi x Bellabox Limited Edition Period Box! As well as a pair of the world’s favourite period-proof, anti-leak undies from Modibodi – a sustainable alternative to tampons and pads, this truly awesome limited-edition box contains a bumper selection of soothing and pampering prods to show yourself a little TLC when you need it most. The perfect gift for all your girlfriends, the Modibodi box boasts $180 worth of value for just $74.95! So what are you waiting for?

The hero product in our limited-edition Period Box is the Modibodi Classic Bikini in light-moderate absorbency. A comfy and streamlined pair of undies, the Classic Bikini is the perfect daily go-to. Catching and containing up to 2 teaspoons of blood/pee/discharge, they’re a liberating lifesaver that reduces the need for disposable sanitary products. Cool, huh?

Period and pee-proof, Modibodi undies are the environmentally friendly way to take charge of your womanhood, and give you leak-free, odour-free confidence, all year round. The all-Australian undie-drawer game changers are made from odour-fighting certified organic bamboo, and keep you covered on minor to major flow days, thanks to their genius Modifier Technology™. This techy term refers to the moisture wicking, absorbent, leak-proof, antibacterial, breathable, stain resistant and ultra-comfy built-in panty liner found in all Modibodi knickers. At just 3mm thick, it can hold up to a whopping 20ml (or 2 tampons’ worth) of fluid!  Other amazing products in the box include:

A Bit Hippy Magnesium Moisturiser, 6ml

Vegan-friendly and plant-based, A Bit Hippy’s Magnesium Moisturiser is the natural way to soothe those aches and pains. Relieve tight, tired and sore muscles and nourish dry skin by smoothing in this cream straight out of the shower.

Dream Dots Pimple Patches, 24 patches

Perfect for eradicating those time-of-month zits, Dream Dots are adhesive pimple-fighting patches that draw out the bad stuff and speed up healing. The water-based patches stick to the skin without irritating, and create a moist healing environment which helps soothe and clear up acne overnight. Apply, leave on for up to 10 hours, then remove and spot the difference for yourself!

Jazmin Bell Mini Cold/Heat Pack

100% Aussie-made in designer cotton print fabrics, these mini rice-filled packs are cute, lightweight and quick and easy to use, whether you like it cold or hot. Used cold, they’re the perfect brow compress for those hormonal headaches, or pop in the microwave to soothe your tender tum.

Ettitude Bamboo Lyocell Eye Mask

Banish puffy eyes and ensure a sound sleep with this super-soft 100% organic bamboo lyocell eye mask. Hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and breathable, the lightly cushioned fabric keeps your peepers cool and free from irritation as you sleep. Machine washable, vegan and eco-friendly, what’s not to love?

IME Natural Perfume, 2.5ml

Vegan friendly and free of artificial and animal fragrances, colours, phthalates, parabens and synthetic ingredients, IME Natural Perfumes come in nine fragrances, inspired by the nine Muses of Greek Mythology. All natural and certified toxin-free, each fragrance is blended with 100% botanical ingredients. Which muse will you be?  The Base Collective Magnesium Oil, 125ml

The easy way to increase your magnesium levels, this clever oil spray is designed to help relieve muscle cramping and pain, and can also help improve sleep, anxiety and depression symptoms, and relieve sugar cravings. Apply to the belly to boost magnesium levels, or apply directly to problem areas.

Shanghai Suzy Lipstick

Suzy’s most popular shade, Miss Leah is the perfect pick-me-up – the ultimate pinky-nude lippie that suits EVERYONE. In a whipped matte formula that’s vegan, cruelty-free and made in Melbourne, you’ll fall head over heels with Miss Leah. Infused with nourishing shea butter extract and jojoba seed oil, unlike many matte formulas, this lush lip smacker is non-drying.

Tim Tam Gelato Messina

Quite possibly the marriage of our two favourite things on the planet, Tim Tam’s Gelato Messina-inspired bikkies are the business. And the perfect little indulgence, ANY time of the month. Pop in the fridge for four hours or more, then enjoy the creamy, crunchy, chocolate-coated snack chilled. Or eat at room temperature if that’s more your jam. Who are we to tell you how to Tim Tam?

Mavala Nail Polish

Free from toxic ingredients, Mavala nail polishes are vegan friendly, with a breathable formula that promotes healthy nails. Plus, the cute little bottle is perfect for manis on the go! We’re sampling the stylish Khaki Vintage shade, which works well with both fair and dark skin tones.

Australian Skin Institute Dermal Face Lift Mask

And while you’re waiting on that mani to dry, why not bliss out with a sheet mask? This advanced peptide and growth factor mask does some serious heavy lifting, reducing visible signs of ageing and boosting collagen and elastin in just 20 minutes. With an instant wrinkle-filling and plumping effect, it rejuvenates, brightens, and hydrates for 24 hours. Leaving the skin soft, soothed and refreshed.

Modibodi CEO and Founder Kristy Chong was super excited to unbox The Limited Edition Modibodi Box.

Don't miss out on the Modibodi x Bellabox - The Fearless Modern Woman Box. Jam-packed with 11 lifestyle & beauty products & valued at over $180, you can get your hands on the ULTIMATE Pamper Pack for only $74.95 in our BB shop.

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