Don’t let periods and light bladder leakage stop you exercising

Don’t let periods and light bladder leakage stop you exercising

There’s all kind of fitness chicks out there – cardio nuts, gym junkies and team players – but we all have one thing in common – our periods.  

The gym can be daunting enough without having to worry about those pesky leaks. Period leakage and light bladder leakage are some challenges faced by women of all ages, but there’s no need to let this stop us from reaching a personal best and setting some new records. Certain workouts require us to move our bodies in ways we sometimes wouldn't, making it easy for little slip ups to occur.  

Ultimately nobody wants to be running along the track or popping down for a squat and constantly worrying that we’ve had a leak. Weakness in the muscles can be due to a multitude of reasons – vaginal births, weakened pelvic floor muscles or hypertonic muscles, which have difficulty relaxing. And periods vary in flow and can be irregular leading to overflow and spotting. Women have actually found that exercising while on their period can help with their cramps and relieve bloating. You also have a higher pain threshold and are able to lift heavier weights than usual, not to mention those endorphins we get! The best exercises to complete while on your period include things such as walking/running, yoga, interval and strength training and pilates. Yoga and pilates are also great for light bladder leakage, as they are slow and controlled and aim to strengthen your entire body and pelvic floor.   

You don’t have to limit the type of exercise you can do, or head to the gym in the dead of night when nobody is around, as there are a variety of protective options available for all different types of leakages. One of the most important things people factor in when exercising either on their period or with bladder leakage is the type of protection they’re going to turn to.  

Some people worry about wearing a tampon or menstrual cup during workouts, as it can move around and become uncomfortable. Similarly, wearing a pad/liner can be irritating, not stay in place and might seem a bit unsettling if you’re concerned it could show through your gym pants.  

Modibodi garments can be used either in conjunction with a tampon or menstrual cup or even by themselves depending on leakage flow. The wicking element in the garment is perfect for absorbing moisture (whether it be urine, blood, or sweat) and making sure you feel dry and fresh for hours. With two high performing linings, our modifier technology with antimicrobial layers ensures the garment is stain resistant and prevents any odour issues.  

The Modibodi active range is perfect for wearing underneath gym pants as they fit perfectly to your body and reduce the likelihood of that dreaded visible panty line which can ruin the cutest of gym outfits. Even though you’re exercising, that doesn’t limit you to only the active range, in fact, all Modibodi garments offer various levels of protection. If you prefer to feel more secure during your workouts then a classic full brief would be perfect to sit comfortably underneath your gym pants, if you feel too restricted by elastic waistbands then the Sensual Boyleg with lace waistband will give you more freedom.  

The gym is a judgment free zone and these conversations no longer have to be taboo. There is no reason that you can’t feel just as comfortable at the gym as you would anywhere else and at Modibodi we want to make sure you always feel confident and empowered. So get yourself a pair of Modibodi’s and get squatting, because nothing is holding you back!  

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