Caring For Your RED

Caring For Your RED

Ok, so you've got a pair! Yay!

First things first, they need to be washed. This activates the special technology in the gusset (crotch) and this the part that absorbs the blood - very important part!

They can go in with the rest of the laundry, but make sure it's on a cold wash cycle and that no fabric softener is used. The chemicals in fabric softeners are too harsh and can make the technology less absorbent. 

To dry them just hang them on the line, they can't go in the dryer as the temperature is too hot for them and can make them less effective. Hot tip - if you hang them inside out they will dry faster!

Once they are dry they are ready to be used!

If you are a first time user we recommend trying them out at home, this way you can get a feel of how your flow works with our technology, and get a better idea of how often you need to change them.

On light days you may be able to wear them for 8 hours or more, on heavier days you might need to change after 4 hours or less - it all depends on your flow. When you feel like you want to change them, simply take the off and rinse them in cold water until the water runs clear. Hot tip - some people like to do this in the shower so you can have a wash at the same time. Then slip on a fresh pair. 

Once rinsed they need to go in the wash, remember - cold water only and no fabric softeners! If you have a  laundry or delicates bag, it's best for them to be washed in one of these, it protects them and they will last longer. 

After they have been washed and hung on the line Make sure they are completely dry too, otherwise they might develop a damp smell.

If you are at school or out, and can't rinse them straight away, you can pop them into a wet/dry bag to be rinsed later. But don't leave them in there for too long.

Simple right? Wear, rinse, wash, dry, repeat!

And while wearing them you can think about all the disposables you are saving from landfill!

Things to remember:


  • Wash as soon as you get them
  • Rinse after every use
  • Wash in a laundry/delicates bag
  • Drip dry


  • Wash on a hot cycle
  • Use fabric softeners
  • Use a dryer or radiator


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