And we’re off! RED by Modibodi’s first official launch party

And we’re off! RED by Modibodi’s first official launch party
We are so excited to announce that RED is officially up and running! As the baby sister of Modibodi, RED has been designed, developed and produced to become the best friend of young girls starting their period, and wanting to manage their menstruation in the most eco-friendly, easy-going and natural way possible.

To kick off the brand with a bang, we decided to host a very creative afternoon at Cork & Chroma – letting our esteemed guests paint like Picasso while chomping on red snacks like strawberries, raspberries and even babybels!

As the guests took to their canvases to paint a self-portrait in the style of Mr. Pablo himself, there was much chatter about RED and what it means to girls as they start their periods.

Most lamented about their first period, and how traumatising it had been to try and navigate inserting a tampon for the first time – all agreeing that life would have been a lot easier with a pair of RED underwear on standby.

Built with the same genius absorbent technology as Modibodi undies, RED underwear offers leak-proof protection so that girls can go about their day not thinking about their period, or having to change their pads or tampons.

Girls can stay in their RED underwear all day long, only needing to change if they’re hitting the pool – in which case they just need to slip into a RED by Modibodi swimsuit or bikini!

That’s why we wanted to host an activity for our RED launch, because we think that girls should never have to change their plans or back out of any fun activity just because they’re on their period.

You can see all the best photos from the RED launch event here – including our guests’ phenomenal portraits!

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