Why Modibodi are the best undies to use when you have your period and you’re traveling

No matter how hard we try to time events and holidays around our periods, it is often the case that we end up menstruating when we have something planned…. It’s just the way it seems to go, well for me anyway. However, on a recent trip to Japan, Modidbodi turned out to be my godsend!

I had planned an epic 2 week trip to Japan, which involved lots of travelling around different cities and lots of walking and getting different trains and just generally being on the go.  My period was due two days into the trip and the thought of having to use tampons and pads left me feeling a little annoyed and somewhat sacred. After all, I had no clue where I would be able to find a toilet to change a pad or tampon. A friend suggested I try period underwear and so I googled period underwear Amazon and period underwear and came across the amazing eco-friendly Modibodi, period and leak proof underwear available in the UK.  

Modibodi is incredible, I took four pairs with me which included the 2 of the Classic Bikini in light to moderate, the Sensual High-Waist in the heavy absorbency (for overnight and just in case) and even a Thong (yes they even do thongs to keep you leak-free). The freedom that Modibodi offers is outstanding. As soon as I saw that I had spotting I started wearing the classic bikini, which was the day that my period arrived and it also happened to be the day we were taking a 6-hour train, bus and walking journey to another city.  Not once did I feel the need to look and see if I had any leaking and I never felt worried that I would need to find a loo to change my pad or tampon. When we finally arrived after 9 hours (due to delays) and I went to the bathroom I was very pleasantly surprised to see no leaks, no stains, nothing – it has all been nicely absorbed and without any smell.

I wore Modibodi for the next few days, switching to the Thong on the last day and it gave me the total freedom to enjoy my travels without thinking ‘where it the nearest toilet’ or ‘it’s been over four hours since I’ve changed my pad/tampon’ instead with Modibodi I could relax, have my period and still enjoy traveling, no matter where we went or delays that took place.

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